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10 Dog Breeds That Point Out Prey | Learn About These Pointing Dog Breeds

10 Dog Breeds That Point Out Prey | Learn About These Pointing Dog Breeds

There are a lot of dog breeds, but not all of them are great at pointing. There are a lot of dog breeds, but not all of them are great at pointing. And not all of them are great at going after small, hidden game. But there are some breeds that are great at both. If you’re looking for a dog breed that’s great at pointing and hunting, check out these pointing dogs.

Bracco Italiano

This Italian Spaniel was bred to hunt big game in the mountains. It’s also trained to find the origin of wild pigs and wild boar, but it’s not so good at hunting large animals such as deer and elk. And don’t get these dogs mixed up with another Italian hunting dog, the Alapini. #111 Shih Tzu Shih Tzu’s are also a good dog breed for hunting deer and other small animals. They’re good at digging holes for their prey, and will chase rabbits around the yard. Cane Corso This Italian Sheepdog is usually used for hunting crocodiles. They’re the fourth most popular hunting dog in Europe, and the third best on the African continent.


Brittany’s coat color is brown and white, with some pink. These dogs have a lean, muscular build, and they have a lot of stamina. Brittany’s “gaze” is much more focused and intense than other breeds, so if you’re looking to train a dog to go after prey, you’ll be fine with one of these Brittany dogs. These dogs love to work and can also be great around kids. Brie Brie’s coat color is white with black and tan patches. This dog is very trainable, since its head is strong and it can easily learn a new skill. Brie’s eagerness makes it easy to train, but the attention span of this dog can also be a problem. This can make training harder, but the dog’s willingness to learn makes up for its difficulty in focus.

English Pointer

English Pointers are an amazing hunting breed. They’re basically born to hunt, and can sniff out game for you from miles away. They are also incredibly smart, and once trained are an excellent family dog. Abel Tasman This pint-sized English Pointer was bred to hunt rabbits and hares and was used by the Tasmanians to track down water carriers. The dogs were small and light enough to be put on a raft or into a burlap bag, and could then locate humans with their noses. Cabernet Franc Bully These English Pointers were bred in the States, but are closely related to the English Pointer. They’re small and extremely fast. If you have a pack of these puppies, it’s no problem for them to kill as many birds as they can at a time.

English Setter

The English Setter is a great hunting dog. Although it’s a working breed, they are still dog breeds, so there are good training videos for new dog owners. The standard English Setter is one of the best pointing dogs, but there are other English Setters that are also good at hunting. German Short Hair German Short Hair Dogs are known for their hunting abilities, but they also have been known to play fetch. Spotty Pups Spotty Pups are also great hunters, but they are a good choice for people who want to train dogs without having to do any of the hard work. Spotty Pups can be trained in over half an hour, and they’re actually great in the house, too. Airedale Terrier Airedale Terriers are a working breed that can be trained in less than an hour.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is an amazing hunting dog. It was bred in Germany to hunt rabbits. But the breed can also be trained to hunt birds and small game. They have incredibly keen eyesight, and can see an object a long way off. The dog has to be taught what the scent of prey looks like, but once it is trained, the dog can go after the small game and bring it back to the hunter to get a tasty treat. That’s just one of the ways that the German Shorthaired Pointer makes a great hunting dog. German Short-Haired Pointer The German Short-Haired Pointer was also bred to hunt small animals, and is also a good hunting dog. These dogs are great at hunting rabbits, squirrels, rabbits, and any small prey that is out and about. These dogs also do a great job of hunting rodents.

Spinone Italiano

Dogs with Spinone and Italiano markings are one of the best hunting dog breeds out there. They’re used for hunting wild boar and pointing. Spinone is a high-strung, all-black, incredibly intelligent dog. The breed has very poor eye-sight, but great hearing. Italiano is the shorter, more lightweight version of Spinone. The large, curly tail and white chest make Italiano’s very easy to spot on dark forest paths. An Italiano has the best hunting temperament of any hunting dog. It’s a hunter, pure and simple. It is happiest when hunting with its owner. Deershark Pembroke Welsh Corgi Welsh Corgis are the second most popular pure-breed dog breed in the US. They are known for their intelligence and good hunting traits.


Vizslas are an athletic dog breed. They’re pretty highly skilled with their hearing and smell, and they can often locate their prey in a very short amount of time. Golden Retrievers There are so many things a golden retriever can do. From retrieving fish to being able to grab a duck off a pond, the golden retriever has a lot to offer. Bulldogs Bulldogs might be the best known pooches for tracking game because they’re especially good at detecting scent in very large, dusty environments. Keeshonds Like the yellow lab, the keeshond is one of the best scent-detection dogs. They can find a hidden patch of ore in a matter of seconds. Dalmatians Dalmatians are the perfect mix of intelligence, speed and poise to take you into the world of hunting.


Awe-inspiring and family-friendly, the weimaraner is a hunting dog bred for balance. With good temperament and a lot of strength, these dogs can be a great companion for older folks, but also a hardworking hunting dog. Poodle Often mistaken for a toy poodle, the Poodle’s nose is very strong. It’s a fast dog, but not speedy like a rabbit. Best of all, Poodles are smart, and will work for you because they enjoy working and want to please. Italian Greyhound A dedicated hunting dog that excels in areas where hunting dogs are weak. The Italian Greyhound hunts in packs, so the scent of a fleeing prey animal carries far in this pack. Unlike hunting dogs, Italian Greyhounds are docile and friendly, and will want to cuddle with you if you ever need a warm dog to lie on your lap.

Irish Setter

caption The Irish Setter is a hunting breed. source RockyMtnHunter/Flickr Most dogs will naturally search for anything edible, but few will ever take to the life of a hunter. But the Irish Setter is one of those few exceptions. Irish Setters are typically very social dogs, so they’ll usually run around and play as if they didn’t even know they could point. Border Collie caption The Border Collie has a very distinct pointy face. source UofJ photographers Although the Border Collie wasn’t bred for hunting, there are hunters out there who have successfully used them for meat hunting. Border Collies are great for hunting because of their strong hunting instinct. The dogs are also incredibly intelligent, and can learn commands easily.

Gordon Setter

This is one of the fastest, largest breed of dog you’ll ever meet. They’re a working breed, though they’re not used for herding. And they’re excellent at pointing and hunting small game such as rabbits. Bobtail These hounds are hunting dogs bred for their long silky fur. They’re excellent at hunting in rough terrain and should be among your first choice if you want a working dog. Border Collie They’re often referred to as sheepdogs, and they’re excellent at herding and herding game. You can use them to track down a scent, and they’re great at hunting small game such as squirrels. Parson Russell Terrier This is a hunting dog used to retrieve game that was shot at long distances. They’re also great at hunting in rugged terrain.

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