10 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds You Might Not Know About

10 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds You Might Not Know About

There are many dog breeds out there, but it can be hard to know which ones are hypoallergenic to your specific situation. Many dog breeds are commonly hypoallergenic, but there are others that are not. So let’s talk about the hypoallergenic dog breeds that are out there. If you have allergies, you should definitely check out these hypoallergenic dog breeds you might not know about.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The “Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier” (BCT) has been known to be one of the best dog breeds for all types of allergies. The BCT breed is one of the shorter type of wheaten terriers, which means it’s easy to give the dog a bath, because they do not have the long fur. The breeder also mentions that the BCT breed has been known to be prone to have a moderate amount of hair shedding, which is something that will make it easy for the owner to maintain. An added bonus is that the breed does not shed a lot in the winter. The breed has been known to have a good temperment, and they are also very friendly and well-mannered dogs. Calico Wheaten Terrier Another hypoallergenic dog breed you may want to consider is the Calico Wheaten Terrier.

American Hairless Terrier

This hairless terrier is one of the most common hairless dog breeds. They have sensitive skin, and many that are allergic to dogs will also have skin issues. However, this breed can also help with allergy relief and separation anxiety in some people. And though they can sometimes look “snaggle-toothed,” this is also one of the breeds that have the most health benefits, especially in pets with long-term medical conditions. American Hairless Terrier Facts: This breed is used extensively in veterinary medicine for rescue dogs and as therapy dogs. Though they are hairless, some will have a slightly coarse, silky, thick coat. They can live for up to 16 years. The dog’s bark is a soft, silent bark.

Irish Water Spaniel

Irish water spaniel puppies are hypoallergenic, which means they are highly unlikely to have any of the major allergic reaction types of allergies. They are hypoallergenic because of their wet hair coat, their body fat levels, and the fact that they tend to be fluffy. This breed tends to not shed, and this means less hair, less dander, and less allergic reactions from your dog. German Shepherd Dog German shepherd dogs are hypoallergenic because they have a naturally dry skin, hair, and thick hair coat. They do not have excessive amounts of hair, which means there will be no shedding and no allergies from their coat. German shepherds also tend to have a low body fat, which helps to keep their weight down, helping to keep their skin and hair dry and easy to clean.

Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is hypoallergenic. They are a breed known for their soft, silky fur and downy undercoat. This breed is especially famous for its gentle personality. Poodles Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs. Although, this doesn’t mean that they don’t shed. Just to let you know, they shed just as much as any other dog breed. They also require grooming. This isn’t just brushing or trimming, but actually washing and conditioning their coats. In comparison to some other breeds, poodles are known to shed less. They have a luxurious coat, and do not shed as much. The Poodle Breed The Poodle breed is part of the Standard Poodle group of breeds. They have the softest coats. This is great for anyone with allergies and skin problems.


If you have a dog that is a pit bull mix, chances are, you have heard about pit bull terriers. But they are actually not the only breed of pit bull mix available. In fact, one of the most common breed of pit bull mix you might come across is a bolognese. Bolognese dogs are a wide mixture of pit bull, Bolognese, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The mix of these breeds is what makes the breed of bolognese dogs so hypoallergenic. You can find them at the rescue shelters, on petfinder, or on some breed-specific websites. So if you’re searching for a dog that’s hypoallergenic, consider a bolognese. Bichon Frise If you’re allergic to the hair of a Golden Retriever or a poodle, you might also be allergic to the hair of a Bichon Frise.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is the most popular of the breed, but they aren’t as hypoallergenic as the other breeds on this list. The Shih Tzu is generally a very calm breed that is a great lap dog. However, they are known to be scared of a lot of things. For example, they may feel scared of something new, or something that suddenly becomes uncomfortable. Their reaction to something could be a shaking, or even a hissing noise. If you are afraid of dogs, this is not a breed you should consider. However, if you don’t mind dog hair, and you don’t mind a little messiness, then the Shih Tzu is definitely a great option for you. Pomeranian Also known as a Pomeranian, the Pomeranian is definitely one of the best hypoallergenic dogs you can get.

West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier is a breed of dog that hails from the Scottish Highlands. This dog has no hair on its skin, however it does have a type of fur underneath the skin called longcoat, which is what makes the dog hypoallergenic. The longcoat of this dog can be made of a variety of different types of hair and you don’t have to worry about allergies from this dog breed. Great Pyrenees Also known as a sheepdog, the Great Pyrenees was one of the most popular breeds of dog throughout history. This breed is more of a livestock guardian dog and the coat of this dog is thick. It has very little hair on its skin, making this breed hypoallergenic for those with allergies.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apsos are probably the most well known hypoallergenic dog breed on the planet, and because of this, they are often the first option you think of when you are shopping for a dog. You might think that because of their size that they don’t shed much, but this is not the case. Lhasa Apsos shed a lot! Maltese Maltese are probably the smallest of the hypoallergenic dog breeds. They’re not as popular as other hypoallergenic dogs, but if you have allergies, they could be the perfect fit for you. Poodle Poodles are often mistakenly thought to be hypoallergenic, and that’s not the case. They are very puffy and shedding a lot. If you have allergies, you should definitely check out these hypoallergenic dog breeds you might not know about.

Coton de Tulear

If you’re allergic to cats, this is the perfect dog for you! They’re great for allergy sufferers because they’re hypoallergenic! They also have the softest coat you’ve ever seen on a dog! According to the American Kennel Club, the Coton de Tulear is known as the world’s only sighthound, which means it’s a short-legged breed, and that means they’re not the kind of breed that sheds much. Another plus is they can be very playful and love to play. Brachycephalic Dogs Brachycephalic dogs are those dogs that have a narrow face and narrow ears. This means that they’re too small to breathe in really cold weather. This isn’t a problem with every brachycephalic dog, but it is a problem for some.


Goldendoodles are a pretty amazing dog breed. They are hypoallergenic and even come from an elite line of Golden Retrievers. They are super calm and mellow and the best-selling breed of dogs on Amazon for over 10 years. You can get a pet for around $400 and don’t have to feel so bad about an insanely overpriced pup. Whether you need to have a little more pooches in your house or just want one, this is the dog for you. Spaniel Spaniels, as you might know, are not known for being hyper-hygienic dogs. But this breed, for some reason, has a sensitive stomach. They have these glands on their back that can emit odors and it is much more noticeable when they are exposed to certain things such as dogs or cleaning products.

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