10 Modern Day Dog Behavior Problems | Facts That Will Help You

10 Modern Day Dog Behavior Problems | Facts That Will Help You

As a dog owner, you must have observed some of these things about your pet. But do you know what causes these behavioral problems? In this article, we will discuss some of the common dog behavioral problems and the reasons behind them. We will also provide solutions for these problems. If you are planning to bring a dog into your family, you must be aware of the common dog behavioral problems. After reading the article, you will have a better idea of what causes these behavioral problems and how to resolve them.


A dog barking is one of the most frustrating and disturbing things. Unfortunately, it can happen on any time. Barking can happen in a lot of different situations: At home when your owner is sleeping or taking a nap During exercise In a car or in a taxi In the park or on the beach In public places Here are some of the ways you can prevent your dog from barking: Take your dog for a walk to release stress and increase their exercise. Provide your dog with an environment that is conducive for barking. Avoid the parks where a lot of people gather. Avoid any places where dogs are likely to bark. Work with your dog to figure out why he is barking. Provide your dog with toys that create a barking sound and increase their motivation.


Chewing is a normal behavior in dogs. However, chewing can become problematic if the behavior is left unchecked. Did you know that the average chewing time is about 15 minutes a day? A dog who chews is essentially destroying his mouth. If you notice excessive chewing, the best thing you can do is to walk your dog frequently and put a stop to the behavior. Excessive grooming You may have noticed that your dog is excessively grooming herself or himself. This excessive grooming is a sign that something is not right. Did you know that dogs groom themselves more than they groom others? Why is this the case? It is because, dogs are very fond of their personal hygiene. They prefer to groom themselves and groom their friends.


Digging in the ground is a behavior that must be stopped immediately. If your dog is digging in the garden, try sprinkling some flour on the ground. The flour will be slippery, and the dog will slip. Once they slip, hold them by the collar and take them to the garden shed. If you have an outdoor kennel, the dog will have to stay in it until it is time for you to take them for their evening walk. This will keep them busy. Disobedience If your dog doesn’t respond to your commands or goes out of the way when you ask it to do something, it may be due to disobedience. The best way to deal with this is to explain to your dog the command you are asking them to do, and then praise them for doing it. If they still don’t respond, try to figure out what is the problem.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which is a condition that makes them frantic and anxious when they are not with their owners. They start panting heavily, become anxious and exhibit abnormal behaviors. These dogs often bite their owners and people who are around them. If you are going on a vacation with your pet, make sure that you give him enough space. If he does not get enough space, he might chew or bite at the leash. If your dog does not feel secure, you should not let him go with you on your vacation. Also, keep his room clean and lock him up at night. Most dogs who suffer from separation anxiety are part of very large breed families and have several children around them.

Inappropriate Elimination

Many dogs relieve themselves on the porch or in the yard, even when you have made it clear to them that they are not allowed to go outside. If you do not teach your dog not to go out, you can ask your vet to put him on a special diet to stop this behaviour. Pain Sometimes your dog is in pain and acts out in order to communicate with you. Many of us believe that these are “preferred” behavioural problems of dogs. But, there are other ways of knowing when your dog is in pain and he is not trying to avoid you. Don’t give your dog painkillers as the side effects could prove to be harmful to him in the future. Talk to your vet about this. Emotional Eating Your dog may not be fat but he does eat a lot.


The begging behavior in dogs occurs when they are very hungry and get a whiff of something that tastes good to them. They will try to eat anything around. They will keep trying the new thing for several minutes and won’t give up until they find a way to satisfy their hunger. They might keep the new thing in their mouth for a while and will move on to something else, which is probably another object. It could be difficult for you to keep them under control when they are constantly asking for food. Licking Biting is also a very common behavior in dogs. Their tongues are very strong, and when they see something they want to chew on, they will get frustrated and may bite at it. It is important to keep them from biting as they might bite you and damage your fingers.


To chase something is to seek pleasure or pursue something very intensely. So if you are a dog owner, you must not allow your dog to chase a squirrel or an iguana in the park. When you let your dog chase a squirrel, you are actually saying that you are enjoying it. So you must make your dog happy by discouraging him from chasing. Sleeping If your dog sleeps on a hard, flat surface, he may develop problems later in life. This is because, for many years, he has been sleeping on a soft surface. When you feed your dog bone food and the bone tends to get stuck under the dog’s nails, the nails get very sharp. So, if your dog sleeps on a hard, flat surface, it can cause damage to the nail bed and cause infections.

Jumping Up

As the name suggests, jumping up is a behavior problem that is not liked by the owner or the pet. Here are the causes of this behavior: Dogs usually jump up to greet others. They do so as a habit of showing affection. This behavior is usually seen in puppies. Pet parents also do it to try and grab the attention of their kids. Dogs can jump up to express their feelings. They also do so to show interest in food, water, or a toy that is placed in front of them. Common Ways To Prevent Your Pet From Jumping Up: Avoid praising your dog too often. Use a non-dominant hand when picking up the dog from the floor. This will help your hand do more work. Teach your dog to sit when the hand is placed on the floor.


If your dog bites, he is demonstrating aggression. An aggressive dog is known to bite, attack, or try to bite people. Loud Noise Your dog may get frightened by loud noises like thunder and fireworks. If he does, he might attempt to bite you in the face and jump up on you. Cat If your dog gets scared or upset by your cat, he may growl, hiss, or try to bite her. He may bite her on the legs, stomach, or face. Showing Off Your dog may jump up on people and try to pull their clothes. He might also try to bite them. Retaliation If a person scares or hurts your dog, your dog might try to bite or scratch that person. If he does, you must discipline him.


Aggression is a problem in a dog. This problem arises in a dog when he doesn’t get enough exercise. If he doesn’t get enough exercise, the dog becomes more aggressive and dominant. In such cases, if you do not allow your dog to run around outside, he will become anxious and depressed. When the dog is depressed, he will become more aggressive. He will also destroy your things. Dogs who are depressed and aggressive are more likely to bite than the normal dog. In some cases, they will even attack children. Aggression is not an ordinary behavior. In most cases, if you can give your dog enough exercise, you can keep your dog away from a lot of problems. Brushing a dog will make him even more aggressive. Brushing will make the dog feel impatient and aggressive.

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