10 Reasons to get a Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the Yorkie, is one of the world’s most popular toy dog breeds. It’s the seventh most popular breed in the world, according to the American Kennel Club. These tiny dogs are extremely friendly and gentle toward people, though they can be aggressive toward other animals.

Because they are so easy to train and don’t require much exercise, Yorkies make excellent family pets, especially for older individuals who live in apartments and don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to a larger dog breed.


1) They are very friendly

They are very friendly and well known as one of the top ten most popular breeds. Just like many other dogs, Yorkshire terriers are cheerful and playful dogs. They will enjoy spending time with you in your garden if you have one.

They can be very easy to train which makes them perfect for first-time dog owners. Yorkshire terriers tend to have no problem getting along with others, whether they are other animals or people.

However, you must socialize your puppy from an early age because they can be timid around strangers. If you plan on getting more than one dog of any breed, all of them must get along together for everyone to live happily as a pack rather than feeling scared in a new environment.


2) They are great with children

The Yorkie is not only very small and easy to handle, but they are also intelligent and very loving. The Yorkie makes an excellent companion for children of all ages.

They are great travel companions: If you are looking for a new breed of dog that you can take with you on your travels then look no further than a Yorkie. They love nothing more than being part of the family and exploring new places with their owners.

He will protect your home: A house dog, he is devoted and loyal towards his family so he’ll protect your home as well as become your pal. His bark is pretty loud: Because he has such a powerful voice, if someone breaks into your house then they’ll soon know that they have been heard!


3) They are very protective

A lot of people overlook just how protective Yorkshires can be. They are small but their fierce bark alone is enough to make most intruders think twice about entering your home. The Yorkie’s hair does not grow long, but it does grow long enough that you have something to grab when danger presents itself.

Yorkies are fearless and will put up quite a fight if needed. This is one of their many endearing qualities as they are so brave that they could save your life in certain situations.


4) They have funny personalities

Yorkies are known for their funny personalities, with some saying they’re like small people in dog suits. They love attention and want to do everything you do. Sometimes they can be too much for older people, so you must train them at an early age.

Don’t be surprised if they climb into your lap while you read your favorite book or follow along as you clean around the house—they have a lot of energy!

Yorkies have been known to make over-the-top expressions when something excites them: It looks like he/she is smiling or laughing, which makes them even more endearing and fun to have around. The barking is loud! And what about all those coats?


5) They don’t shed much

One of our favorite pros of getting a Yorkie is that they shed very little. Compared to other breeds, their coat grows in more slowly, meaning you won’t have hair all over your house.

Their hair is soft: While it is true that they don’t shed much, their coat still needs regular maintenance if you want it to look its best. When you brush them regularly, their coat will be softer and shinier than ever before—and don’t worry about that shedding issue!

They are great watchdogs: I think we can all agree on one thing – nothing is better than waking up and seeing your dog perched at the end of your bed staring at you with those big eyes like he has been waiting for you to wake up for hours!


6) They require little grooming

It’s easy to brush a Yorkie every day. Just make sure they’re properly groomed, and you should be good.

Being smart and loyal: They love their owners unconditionally. Loyalty is one of the most important characteristics that a pet can have, so if you are looking for an animal companion, there are few breeds better than Yorkies!

They like being with people: If you have plans to be at home for most of your day, then your dog will do just fine without much space in which it can roam around. Your Yorkie will be ready to play with you whenever you feel like it!


7) They are easy to take care of

Compared to other dog breeds, Yorkies are incredibly easy to take care of. They don’t require hours and hours of exercise each day and can easily be trained with positive reinforcement.

Since they only weigh about 7 pounds, you don’t have to worry about getting out an extra-large leash when going for a walk. And since they only live for about 10 years, you won’t be spending hundreds on vet bills year after year.

They are kid-friendly: You can never guarantee that your kids will treat any pet well but there is a good chance your Yorkie will get along well with them; he loves attention and tends not to bark or bite as much as some other dogs would in that situation. Your kids might even grow up playing together!


8) Their coats can be colored in several different ways

Solid white, white with black or brown markings, blue and tan (called blue-ticked), black and tan (called liver-ticked), brown, red, and sable. A tri-color or parti-colored (A predominantly white dog with areas of body hair not colored by dapple or agouti patterns.) Their coats can be curly, long, and thick.

They need frequent grooming because they don’t shed their hair like other breeds. They are an energetic breed that will keep you on your toes. They make great lap dogs but will follow you around everywhere. Yorkshires do very well living in apartments with owners who are dedicated to spending enough time playing with them each day.


9) Yorkshire Terriers are playful animals, who like to run around all day long.

Another reason why it’s fun to have a Yorkshire terrier is that they are very lively. If you want an energetic dog, then Yorkies are perfect for you. These little dogs can run all day long if allowed to.

Because of their high energy level, however, these breeds need plenty of exercise and room to run around as well. While you don’t need a large yard to accommodate your small dog, it should be fenced for them not to be able to escape and get into danger while running loose around your neighborhood or on your street.

As they are very small dogs they don’t require too much space indoors either; just enough room for them to do some playtime during their downtime after working out all day!


10) There’s no better companion than your Yorkshire terrier.

These cute little dogs are like furry wind-up toys—they always stay busy and they never sit still. Even when they sleep, their paws are moving. That’s just one of many reasons people choose Yorkies. Another big draw is their size.

A full-grown Yorkie will only weigh 4–7 pounds, so they make great pets for seniors or those with limited mobility (or kids, if you’re so inclined). Their small stature also makes them perfect for someone who travels often or lives in an apartment and wants a dog that doesn’t shed much hair, bark too much or take up too much space.