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10 Small Dog Breeds That Make Awesome Pets

10 Small Dog Breeds That Make Awesome Pets

10 Small Dog Breeds That Make Awesome Pets

Small dogs are adorable, but it’s important to choose the right breed for you. If you’re not sure what kind of dog you want, take a look at these 10 small dog breeds that make great pets. Small dogs are especially popular with women and young people. Even if you don’t have kids or a family, small dogs can be great company. They’re often playful and loyal, and because they take up so little space, they’re perfect for apartment living. Small dogs are perfect for apartment living. Below you’ll find 10 small dog breeds that make awesome pets.


The Pekingese are a French bulldog-sized breed of toy dog. They have long ears, bright eyes and thick coats of fur. These dogs get lots of attention, and with good reason. Pekingese are often considered the sweetest, gentlest and most loyal dogs you’ll ever meet. Their friendly temperament means they’ll love to have a lot of social time, but when it’s time for a good nap or some restful quiet time, they’ll eagerly curl up on a lap and fall asleep. Pekingese should ideally be the only dog in your household, but they would also make good guard dogs and live in the home with older children. Learn more about the Pekingese here. Pug The Pug is another long-haired toy breed.


The Papillon is a breed of French terrier and poodle mix. These small dogs look adorable and are very friendly and playful. If you’re allergic to cats, the Papillon is a great choice. notes that the Papillon is “popular as a pet for cat lovers”, which is great if you’re worried about allergies. This breed tends to be docile and mellow, but some people do report that they’re highly vocal, especially when they’re playing. The dog is known to be energetic and intelligent, and most Papillions are good with children, although they do need to be trained. The common name for this breed is “terrier”. Pitbull Pitbulls are the most popular large dog in the United States. The breed’s name is a derivative of the word “pit”, which means little in Spanish.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a small breed of dog that originated in the Belgian city of Brussels. Their distinctive red, floppy ears make them an attractive, easy-going breed. This breed is excellent for children, as they tend to be good with young children. It’s a popular choice for couples who don’t have kids or pets. Some of their physical traits make them suited to apartment living: They’re adaptable, compact, trainable and generally easy to train. Lhasa Apso The Lhasa Apso is a medium-sized breed of dog that originated in Tibet. They’re playful, adaptable and full of energy. They’re great for couples who don’t have kids or pets, as they’re gentle and affectionate towards kids and like to cuddle.

Silky Terrier

This is a small- to medium-sized terrier that originates from Scotland. Silky terriers are great companions and have a reputation for being loyal and friendly. Silky terriers are relatively healthy dogs, and they are easy to train. Silky terriers make great family dogs as well. They’re social and easily adopted. Although they’re not considered shelter dogs, Silky terriers can make great pets in a private home. They’re typically small (between 4 and 7 pounds) and don’t shed much, making them easy to keep tidy. If you don’t mind a little extra grooming, they’re also a good choice. Silky terriers make good watch dogs because of their vocalizations, which alert other dogs to their presence. If you are looking for a small dog, Silky terriers are a great choice.

Toy Poodle

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, cuddly, sociable little dog, you’ll want to look no further than the Toy Poodle. Unlike larger dogs, they need minimal exercise and they’re very low maintenance. They also come in a variety of colors and hair lengths. Although they’re mostly a lovable, calm breed, Toy Poodles can sometimes get mischievous and mischievous. If your companion is playful, don’t keep him locked up all the time. Instead, make sure he gets plenty of daily exercise, and encourage him to play with other small dogs. French Bulldog The French Bulldog is a small dog with a high energy level. They’re usually white, but they can also come in brindle, gray, and blue-eyed variants.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the world’s smallest dog. At just 11 pounds, they’re so small they have to be carried around, but the fact that they’re so small doesn’t mean that they’re weak. They’re easily trained and generally very well-behaved, although they’re a very independent breed. These dogs are also really fun to play with because they don’t require a lot of exercise. They’re also excellent at hunting. If you can get used to how their ears stay up, you may have a great companion. Schnauzer Like many small dog breeds, the Schnauzer is a very popular choice with women. They’re gentle and sweet, so they’re great to have around if you live alone. They’re also generally good with children.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu was the first Shih Tzu breed. They are a small, hardy, playful, high-energy, and good-natured dog. In spite of the breed’s name, they aren’t the equivalent of a small Yorkshire Terrier. A Shih Tzu is closer to a Chow or Maltese, weighing between 8 and 15 pounds. They’re about as large as a small Pomeranian. Small Pugs Pugs are about the same size as Shih Tzu, but they’re much softer than their Shih Tzu cousins. Because of their short noses, they can easily brush up against people and enjoy being held. Because of their intelligence, you can train them to do almost anything you want. The Pug is a happy, gentle dog that’s great with other dogs. Shepherd/Pit Bull/Bully/Boxer Mix Shepherd-mixes are the largest of the small dog breeds.

Chinese Crested

Chinese Cresteds are perfect companions. The long and soft fur helps them blend in with most decor, and they tend to be friendly, affectionate, and outgoing. In fact, they’re so outgoing, you won’t have to worry about these dogs getting into any trouble, at least from a fighting or territorial standpoint. That makes them excellent candidates for apartment living. Small dogs who are not easily rambunctious or destructive will be happier sharing an apartment with a Chinese Crested. GCHP/CHCS Standard size Micro size Chihuahua Chihuahuas are small dogs that originated in Mexico and China. According to the AKC, the breed is the size of a dachshund but with a longer body and shorter, wider head.


Like most Pomeranians, Sphynx, or Maltese, this small breed of dog has a coat of “springy” fur. In fact, Pomeranians are the most popular toy dogs in the U.S. and are frequently used in movies, television, and commercials. Their very long, silky coat makes them very friendly and easy to care for. German Shorthaired Pointer This relatively small breed of dog is medium in size and characterized by its short but well-groomed hair. A German Shorthaired Pointer needs plenty of exercise. Most modern GSPs enjoy going for long walks. They’re also exceptionally friendly and tend to bond very closely with their owner. Golden Retriever As the most popular breed of dog in America, Golden Retrievers are also among the smallest. They are extremely friendly and fun-loving dogs.

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terriers are small but tough dogs that weigh less than 40 pounds. They’re energetic and active dogs that are friendly and easy to handle. The ideal size for most people. Toy Fox Terriers need to be socialized early on to make them even better pets. A typical toy fox terrier will weigh between 12 and 18 pounds, but some small dogs can be as small as 5 pounds. They’re also not the most intelligent dog breed. Because of their hardy, adventurous temperaments, toy fox terriers are excellent for people who like to live outdoors. Guernsey Sheepdog The Guernsey sheepdog is a small but tough breed that can reach a height of 14 inches at the withers. The Guernsey Sheepdog is a working dog, so they need a strong, steady owner. But they’re extremely loyal and friendly to their owners.

10 Small Dog Breeds That Make Awesome Pets
10 Small Dog Breeds That Make Awesome Pets

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