10 Things to Know Before Getting Your Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Information and Facts. Yorkshire Terrier is a small, short-haired dog breed. Yorkshire Terrier’s are known for their affable, friendly and lively nature. Yorkshire Terriers are very clever, hard-working and devoted to their owners. The Yorkshire Terrier is very active, and loves to play. They are always happy to see you, and will usually give you a very warm welcome. Yorkshire Terrier is an American breed. The breed was named after the city of Leeds, England where it was first developed. Yorkshire Terriers were originally used as ratters, or for hunting vermin like rats and mice. Today, this small dog breed is one of the most popular breeds in the world.

History of the Yorkshire Terrier

The first recorded mention of the Yorkshire Terrier was in 1823, in an advertisement for a new terrier in The Field dog magazine. The competition to develop the ‘Yorkshire Terrier’ began in the 1830s, and over time many breeds and individual dogs were given the title of ‘Yorkshire Terrier’. Some of these breeds and individuals are shown below. Current Yorkshire Terrier Breeds: Yorkie Hound – These are very similar to the actual Yorkshire Terrier. These breeds come from various parts of the world and are of shorter length, compared to the actual Yorkshire Terrier. There is a great variety of coat colours in Yorkie Hounds. There are long-haired and short-haired varieties of Yorkie Hounds.

Description of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier dog breed comes in four color varieties: black and tan, black and white, fawn, and sable. Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breeds Comfort Standards Life Expectancy Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breeds The Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed also has the following health standards. Health York Terrier Health.

Personality of the Yorkshire Terrier

People Magazine The Yorkshire Terrier’s numerous strengths, comes by its good nature honestly. Yorkshire Terrier is a very friendly dog breed, it is great with kids and cats The Yorkshire Terrier is a very energetic breed. They need a lot of activity to keep their energy level up. The Yorkshire Terrier has good eyesight and hearing. It has no fear of heights and likes to climb on stairs. The Yorkies generally dislike loud noises. They don’t mind thunderstorms. Their skin gets dirty easily. Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Info Some of the Yorkshire Terrier’s favorite things to do are to play, chew toys, sleep and follow you around the house. They do best with owners who have patience and love them.

Temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier’s are friendly, funny, and versatile dogs. Yorkshire Terriers are excellent listeners. They are very loyal to their owners, and love people. They are very intelligent and good listeners. They are very aware of their surroundings, and will be alert for any unusual activity. Yorkshire Terrier’s are very loyal, very affectionate, and easy to train. They will be happy to please and are affectionate, but will not push their luck by not listening to their owners. Yorkshire Terrier’s are not cuddlers, and will usually be ready to go outside at a moment’s notice. How much do Yorkshire Terrier Cost You can easily be the proud owner of the cute and cuddly Yorkshire Terrier dog. A Yorkshire Terrier will cost about $1000.

Health Issues of the Yorkshire Terrier

Health issues for a Yorkshire Terrier are the same as for other dogs. With the exception of age and health problems, the Yorkshire Terrier has few health issues. Different health issues affect small breeds differently, and health problems do not occur with the same frequency for every breed. Yorkshire Terrier Health Issues Yorkshire Terrier Heart Problems Symptoms of a Yorkshire Terrier heart condition include rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, panting, and/or shortness of breath. These symptoms may indicate that the Yorkshire Terrier is experiencing a heart attack or is in the early stages of congestive heart failure.

10 Things to Know Before Getting Your Yorkshire Terrier
10 Things to Know Before Getting Your Yorkshire Terrier

Grooming Needs of the Yorkshire Terrier

There are no specific grooming requirements for Yorkshire Terriers. The owner should take care of the Yorkshire Terrier’s overall health. They can be bathed as frequently as necessary, as long as the Yorkshire Terrier does not have a skin condition, such as dermatitis. They do not need to be groomed much, however, for most Yorkshire Terrier owners. Grooming Includes: Keeping a Yorkshire Terrier clean and groomed. Shampooing and conditioning the coat. Brushing the dog’s coat. Using an ear and tail brush to keep the ears and the tail healthy. A face brush for cleaning and conditioning the face. A groomer can provide all of the above for their Yorkshire Terriers. Yorkshire Terrier Maintenance The Yorkshire Terrier requires a lot of maintenance.

Training Needs of the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is very loyal and enjoys being around their owners. If you take care of them and give them the love and care that they deserve, then you will definitely enjoy your relationship with your Yorkshire Terrier. Some of the daily and special care needs that you must take care of for your Yorkshire Terrier is the daily grooming of the dog. Also, you must groom them regularly so that they do not develop the bad hair. If you use the brushes that are meant for dogs, then you must be careful in cleaning them well. Also, if you use the brush while grooming them, then make sure that you wash them thoroughly after that. Other care and feeding needs include dog food, vitamins and special supplements.

Exercise Needs of the Yorkshire Terrier

A good walking leash is an essential, because they are not built to run. Yorkshire Terrier Dog Care Concerns Yorkshire Terrier Causes of Health Concerns The health of the Yorkshire Terrier dog is good. However, any problems in the way of routine, grooming or the breed’s structure, should be looked into by a veterinarian. Bad hair-cut. Breeds with short hair grow out quickly and often they can look unkempt. This is especially true for breeders with short hair who are grooming them daily. It is advisable for breeders to have their breeds trimmed annually. Not what is expected for Yorkshire Terrier, mainly just general issue grooming care, their hair cuts should be neat, tidy and in good shape. However, there should not be any significant lumps, bumps or even bald patches on the head.