12 Teacup Maltipoo Dog Breed Fun Facts and Information

This article is about the teacup Maltipoo. It’s loaded with lots of fun facts, information and details about this wonderful designed dog breed.

From lifespan to cost, size and comparison’s to other similar mixed breeds your sure to find answers to many of the Maltipoo questions you never knew you had.

Maltipoo for adoption

The teacup Maltipoo is a dog of almost any size. They come in different colors and sizes to suit any budget.

Adoption agencies will have a variety of sizes to meet your needs and budget.

A puppy Maltipoo can cost anywhere from $900 – $1300 for a purebred Maltipoo with all the papers.

The most expensive Maltipoo available is the teacup variety with their ideal time between 1 and 3 years.

You may also find Maltipoo’s at shelters where their price tag ranges from $150 – $300.

Information on Maltipoo Puppies The teacup Maltipoo is a breed of dog that takes longer to mature and can reach weights of around 18 – 25 lbs. before they are fully grown.

That’s big for a dog with a miniature Maltipoo’s body size. The teacup Maltipoo is an elegant dog with lots of character.


How long do Maltipoo live

Maltipoo breeders are estimating up to 13 years.

This is based on the breeds available but you should seek your own veterinarian’s professional opinion.

Be aware that they aren’t the brightest breed of dog so always do your homework.


Do Maltipoo dogs get along with cats?

I love all dogs, cats included, and to each their own.

But as you might suspect Maltipoos are about as non-friendly with cats as human beings.

It’s a hard exclusion to make as it’s a health hazard for a cat and the Maltipoo is likely not to be a happy house guest with a cat.

Most Maltipoo dogs are on the heavier side and appear to be an active breed. They do require special care and feeding.

12 Teacup Maltipoo Dog Breed Fun Facts and Information
12 Teacup Maltipoo Dog Breed Fun Facts and Information

Does a Maltipoo shed

Maltipoo shed doesn’t shed or not a lot Maltipoos shed for about 3 to 4 weeks, then just a few hairs at the end of the season.

Frequently Maltipoos shed even when they’re not playing with you I was getting a lot of dog hair in my home that could not be explained by our cat or another animal.

We also took our Maltipoo to a kennel and the staff confirmed that she was the only Maltipoo ever there that was shedding.

It should be taken very seriously if your Maltipoo sheds excessively. It could be a sign that you are over-breeding and might be running a health risk.

If you do have to deal with excessive shedding, a seasonal hair removal is the best solution to get rid of the hair without damaging the coat.

The hair length will determine your Maltipoo’s coat type.


Maltipoo puppies for sale

Maltipoos are generally bred to reach a full height of 18 inches at 18 weeks of age, however those with long legs tend to reach this early.

The typical Maltipoo has a much shorter more delicate build than the full-size Poodle and has a much higher density.

The Maltipoo stands 10.5 to 13 inches at its shoulder and weighs between seven and 12 pounds.

Young puppies reach full size at about 7 months of age. It can usually live to 14 years of age.

Furry friendliness can be assessed when you see if your puppy is scared of other furry things.

The Maltipoo may seem very fluffy and soft, but is actually quite “furry”.


Maltipoo cost

Maltipoo often cost much less than other dog breeds.

The price ranges for a teacup Maltipoo will range from $800-1200.

It’s about 15% less than other popular mixed breed dogs and much less than puppies born as Maltipoos.


Health Concerns of a Maltipoo

It’s very easy to blame them for everything but they don’t cause any illnesses.

They don’t require the expensive or exclusive puppy foods of some breeds.

If you choose to feed a raw diet you will save a lot of money.

A Maltipoo doesn’t need special grooming tools or costly toys.

They have plenty of puppy energy.

A puppy house should be big enough to accommodate the many toys, chew toys, balls and other forms of fun in one place.


Maltipoo Life Expectancy

Maltipoos have a lifespan between 10 to 15 years.


Full grown Maltipoo

These lovable dogs are a Maltese and Poodle crossed together with Pekingese and Shih Tzu to form their own breed.

These adorable little Maltipoos have different colored noses and different colored eyes but they are all made from the same ancestry.

These adorable little fur balls do not require grooming or special attention because they do not shed as much as some other breed of dog.

Their coats do grow thicker as they get older but at this point they look more like Maltese.

Full grown Maltipoo Height A fully grown Maltipoo stands on a tall, sturdy, semi-human like 24-26 inches at the shoulder and may weigh approximately 15 to 16 pounds.

They are quite lean when full grown but can still be a bit chunky.


Maltipoo vs Poodle

There are several breeds that you can call teacup poodle. These breeds are NOT teacup poodles.

These breeds are different breeds and should not be confused as teacup poodles.

Teacup Poodle Breed Characteristics Wide, Creamy Coat

Height: About 17 Inches

Body Weight: 10 pounds

Eyes: Large Brown


Maltipoo Haircuts

Many people think that the Maltipoo hair is much thicker than the rest of the world’s dogs.

In reality this breed doesn’t really have much hair at all, and any fur that might appear on this adorable puppy is very very fine and weak.

According to many sites, the perfect hair cut for this breed is to have 1″ to 2″ long shaggy hair, that won’t stand up and really long hair is a definite no-no.

We’re pretty sure it’s a trade off to the proper healthy skin, bones and muscles this breed is known for, but you don’t need to do a complete shave, it’s very common to have a shorter shaggy look with long, loose hairs all over.


Maltipoo’s Average Lifespan

There are a lot of different sites online that talk about Maltipoo’s average lifespan, some say 18 to 24 months, others say 14 months to 6 years.