15 Puppies Sleeping in The Cutest Positions Ever!

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Put your feet up and relax!

Put your feet up and take a Nap! – Source
Seems like a lot of puppies love to put their feet up!
Seems like a lot of puppies love to sleep on car rides! – Source
And here's another one!
Kicking Back on Mom’s Couch! – Source
This one has his feet up to his neck!
I was trying to scratch my face and fell asleep! – Source

Look at the belly!
Don’t Laugh at My Belly Rolls! – Source
Nothing could wake up this lil cutie!
I ate too Many Carbs! – Source
A puppy can relax just about anywhere!
My Dad Likes it When I Sleep Here! – Source
The couch is really comfy!
Why Did My Mom Get Up and Leave Me! – Source
Aaah yes...really comfortable!
I was Stretching and Passed Out! – Source
This puppy has his paws on his feet!
Why Did I eat All Those Treats! – Source
This one is a true lady! LOL!
Don’t Look at My Privates! – SourceAwwww...so cute!
Thanks For The Blanket Mom! – Source

Comfortable? Check! Smells great, uhh.....? - Source
How Did My Dad Get Out of His Shoes? – Source
Now that is one tired pup! I wish I could do this on my desk at work, don't you? - Source
I Played with My Chew Rope Until I Passed Out! – Source
Cross legged and all! That's one precious little proper princess! - Source
You Know What Happens When You Rub My Belly! – Source
All cuddled up with teddy! - Source
Ate Two Many Cheetos with My Tiger Buddy! – Source

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