7 Reasons Why You Should Be Adopting a Poodle

Poodles have a great temperament. They are calm and rarely aggressive animals. Poodles make for great family dogs and they get along well with other dogs if socialized properly. They are definitely outgoing pups who love to make any stranger a friend. Great for new dog owners. Poodles and doodles are great for new dog owners.

Why Poodles are so Popular

The breed is hardy and large, and will grow up to be almost 40lbs or more. These dogs are calm and friendly with everyone they meet. They are generally good with kids. Poodles are full of energy. These dogs are very friendly and entertaining. They make great companions for anyone who likes a large breed. Their smooth coats will make them even more attractive. The Real Cost of Poodles Poodle breeders have earned the reputation of being very expensive. The average cost of a purebred poodle is about $1500. However, you can save money by adopting. You can find dogs in shelters, which are often littermates of your dog and often less expensive. Before you consider a purebred poodle, you should know a few things.

Adopting a Poodle

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider adopting a Poodle. They are very smart. Poodles are intelligent and pick up on human emotions very quickly. Poodles are very intuitive animals that react to these emotions and will take action based on them. This makes them wonderful family dogs. They need socialization. Poodles need a lot of socialization before being happy in a home. A puppy mill dog is not the same as a pure bred Poodle. They require an average of 1 year to 2 years of socialization before being a happy, calm animal. They are calm and friendly. A Poodle has a quiet disposition and always wants to make new friends. They are curious, loving, and affectionate dogs. Poodles are always interested in new experiences and they want to go with you everywhere you go. They look adorable.

Poodle Puppy Tips

They need exercise. Just like other dogs, they need exercise to stay healthy and energetic. They can be used for obedience and agility classes. They require plenty of daily exercise, preferably outdoors. They do best with two or three other dogs. Poodles do not adapt to having other dogs as close to them as some other breeds. They are definitely good company dogs but they do not get along with other dogs. Poodles require quality grooming. Poodles are quite high maintenance when it comes to grooming. This is because they have long hair. Therefore, they have to be groomed often. When a Poodle gets a bath, it will be much easier for it to groom itself because the hair will not get tangled. They do not require much exercise. Poodles are not very energetic dogs.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Adopting a Poodle
7 Reasons Why You Should Be Adopting a Poodle

Poodle Puppy Care

Poodles are active and playful puppies. They want to play and exercise! Poodles need to play with other dogs, humans, toys, and children. They like to get moving in their play. Check out our articles for ideas on keeping your Poodle puppy fit and active. Poodles are very smart dogs. It is suggested that puppies be house trained in a crate. It keeps them safe while you are out and they are learning how to stay quiet while they are alone. Introducing your dog to the crate first is a great way to house train your poodle. Poodles love to be taken for walks. Puppies are social and are ready to explore their surroundings. You will enjoy taking your Poodle pup out for walks and you can teach him some good manners on how to be a good walker. Poodles have a short attention span.

Poodle Characteristics

Poodles are a type of short-haired dog. Their fur ranges from coarse to silky and comes in different colors. They have the most common short coats of all other dog breeds. If they have a long coat, it tends to be brindle, white, or solid. The breed is also known for its small feet and big tail that can get caught in the door. Their ears also are short and bobbed and their hair is usually short. Poodles get along well with other dogs. They usually make for great family dogs and love their cuddles. They have the most common short tails of all other dog breeds. If they have a long coat, it tends to be brindle, white, or solid. Poodle Facts Poodles are very healthy and not too energetic.


Poodles have the potential to make some great pets for all people and all places. Poodles are pretty much always well behaved, so you won’t have to worry about this kind of behavior. Poodles are friendly and love to interact with their humans. Poodles are also pretty low-maintenance dogs. They aren’t going to need too much grooming or any extra attention. So why not adopt a Poodle this year?