8 Puppy Training Questions You May Not Know About

Puppy training is a process that can take a lot of time and can be very frustrating. I remember when I first started dog training and there were so many things I didn’t know. There were some things that I just didn’t understand and I would ask my training colleagues and I would listen to their answers and I would think to myself, “I don’t understand.” I thought I was alone in my ignorance, but I was wrong. I thought it would be helpful if I put these common questions about puppy training and my answers from the past on my blog.

Petsmart Puppy Training

Question: What age is too young to train a puppy? Answer: Puppies can learn a lot from their first year of life, but some things can’t happen until later. Puppies are so young they’re very fragile and need as much love and protection as possible, so if you want to train them, wait until they are older. They will be stronger and more able to learn. They’ll be more patient and more sure of themselves. They won’t get easily distracted as much, and they’ll be more able to focus. They won’t need to have you nearby all the time to feel safe. There are exceptions, of course, but I think those are good reasons to wait until they’re older.

1. Is Pet Smart good at housebreaking? My answer: Some puppies are, some are not. It is all a matter of temperament and they are learning a new “trick” so they will be rewarded. The best thing you can do is reward them when they go outside and they will learn how to go outside. You have to realize that they will choose to go out if they are excited and want to play and want to explore. If you are impatient and send them outside, they will give up and you will end up with the dog who goes outside for the briefest of periods before you start yelling at them to come back in. Don’t yell. Use the silent clicker and always use it. If you yell and the dog immediately gives up and doesn’t work, you will have to repeat the process of clicking and a treat before they will work again.

Puppy Training at Petco

The questions I think about when teaching my puppies at Petco, with all of the great resources available to owners there, range from training specific items, to: Training problems: Overusing rewards to train puppies. This is what I call rewarding unwanted behavior. It causes your puppy to be motivated by the food you give them and not the good behavior you want. This is called “reinforcement bias.” When you look at a behavior and try to reward it, you are actually causing the dog to focus on the food and ignore the non food behavior. That behavior is called “avoidance behavior.” Sometimes, this is a poor choice on your part. I don’t recommend feeding your puppy human food, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Using negative reinforcement to train puppies.

Puppy Training Crate at Night

Q: When you put the puppy in his crate at night, is it completely dark or do you give him some light? A: If the puppy is being housebroken, it’s not necessary to use a crate, especially if it’s a puppy training crate that allows access to the back door. Some of the things that you might want to consider are lighting the area you have them in to give the dog some information about the space. When you leave your puppy in his crate, you want him to know that it’s a place where he can go to the bathroom and he’ll get fed in the morning, in the evening and before bed. He should have something in the crate to see the light and the door. If your dog is not housebroken, it’s a good idea to allow him in a kennel or crate in the living room with some objects that he’s been trained to obey.

Kennel Puppy Training

How long should I crate my puppy? The answer: As long as you can! There are no rules. Like with human children, puppies are creatures of habit and your job is to build a schedule that will help them learn that going into a crate is a fun time to go. The only thing I will say is that if your puppy is sleeping in a crate and suddenly starts barking and scratching at the door, it is probably trying to tell you he’s ready for it to be time to get up. Take him out and let him go potty, then put him back in. You can use the crate from any time you want, but I like to use it first thing in the morning or before I leave for work. How do I crate train my puppy?

Puppy TrainingWalking on a Leash

This is a common question. I have done so much walking with the dogs in the last year and a half that I have made this my own pet peeve! I know that a lot of people want to just give the dog a leash and walk wherever they want. But that is not the point of a leash, a human, or a dog. A dog is a dog and they want to walk where they want to walk. If you have a dog and want to walk him, the best thing to do is go where you want to walk, with the leash, for him to follow. But the dog is a dog and he wants to walk where he wants to walk. If you don’t walk on the right path, he will find his own path, and he will get lost. If you walk in front of him he won’t be able to see what’s on the other side of the trail. If you walk behind him he will get tired and just lay down.

Best Treat For Puppy Training

I never make the mistake of leaving treats in my puppy’s crate. I always train them immediately in the beginning before I start with training or else they become really frustrated and you don’t want that. Be sure to start training when they are at the most calm state in their life. I start with canned food as that is one of the best treats to give to your puppy. Training Treats For Puppy Training You should always be cautious about the type of treats you give your puppy. You need to make sure that it doesn’t cause them any kind of allergic reaction, because if they experience an allergic reaction, they can become depressed and refuse to eat their regular food. Do Dogs Have Bad Behaviors Because Of Overactive Pleasure Or Fear Reflexes? Our dogs are not stupid.

Puppy Training Crate Schedule

What I find to be the most confusing question that I have been asked about puppy training is “How long do I have to keep my puppy in a crate?” My answer varies based on the age of my puppy. At around 12 weeks of age I put my dogs in a crate for short periods of time, but not for extended periods. I have two dogs, Lil Bit who is four months old and Cane Head who is five months old. These two dogs were rehomed together at the same time because the puppy with the higher end of the genetic chain needed a friend and the puppy with the lower end of the genetic chain needed a friend. I always let my pups meet at least once a day and they have had some training sessions over the last few weeks to learn to get along.

First Night in Crate Puppy Training

Yes, you can train a puppy with just one night in the crate. This is just a starting point to help the puppy sleep through the night, which is a very important aspect of training. If you decide to do this, the crate you choose should be sturdy. It should have sides that are solid. Avoid those plastic ones. They don’t have a lot of support and can easily break. You can place the crate in a quiet, dark room away from any other noise or activity. You can use a loud timer, but don’t set it until the puppy is in the crate. Set the timer earlier than that and as the puppy is nearing the end of the time you will know that she is getting very close to being in the crate and in the other room all night. The key here is to be patient.

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