8 Reasons Why Yorkie’s Are The Best Dogs

Are you looking for a Yorkie? In article I will show you 8 of the reasons Yorkie’s are the best dogs in the world. Please do your own research when it comes to purchasing a puppy or dog. It’s important to ask the right questions and to know who your purchasing your puppy from.

1. Yorkie’s are one of the smallest dog breeds

Yorkie’s are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, making them easy to manage. The smallest adult size Yorkie is about 8.5″ long (27cm). Small dogs can live with a smaller range of food than larger dogs, so it is recommended that your Yorkie eats a healthy amount and not one which is too rich. Yorkie’s are smart – Yorkies are often thought of as easy to train because of their high intelligence, they can learn and remember if you show them over and over again. Yorkies are also friendly dogs who will often greet others without jumping up. Yorkie’s are social Yorkie’s are good with people and generally well-behaved. Some Yorkies may enjoy sleeping in your lap but this is only if they are in the mood.

2. Yorkie’s are the cutest dogs

You can’t resist the cuteness. These little Yorkies are often compared to lollipops and sweaters. It’s hard to resist their cheerful faces. Yorkies are the smartest Why? Because the Yorkie is not one of those dumb dogs, like big dogs. It is very smart, and a lot of people believe that this breed is smarter than most breeds. Yorkie’s are extremely friendly They love to play with other dogs and with people. Because Yorkies are so friendly and easy to deal with, people often buy Yorkies for their babies. Yorkie’s are active Since the Yorkie is not a dumb dog, it makes the perfect family dog. They have a lot of energy and they love to go for walks. Yorkie’s are affectionate They are happy and active.

3. Yorkie’s are very intelligent dogs

They have a very good understanding of language and they can learn new tricks and other skills very quickly. Yorkie’s are very affectionate They don’t have to be around you all the time and they like company, they can also live without you if you want them to but they will miss you. Yorkie’s are fun to watch They like to go exploring and they are very curious. They don’t have long life-spans They can live up to 20 years old. Please read my other blog post about Yorkie’s on this website: A Guide to the Best Dog Breeds I hope this post will give you information about the best dog breeds. Remember to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder. If you do buy a puppy from a pet store, I would always recommend to buy from a rescue animal shelter.

4. Yorkie’s are playful dogs

Some Yorkies are more rambunctious than others. Some are content with lying around all day. Others are extremely curious. Dogs of all breeds can be rambunctious. But, many don’t have the drive to play like a Yorkie. Yorkies are active dogs Dogs of all breeds can be active dogs. But, many do not possess the desire to be active like a Yorkie. Yorkies are constantly on the go. You will never find a Yorkie curled up on the couch playing video games all day. They are always going somewhere or doing something. Yorkie’s are smart Dogs of all breeds are smart. But, some are more intelligent than others. Some are dumb as a box of rocks. Yorkies are extremely intelligent. They are quite versatile and quick learners. They love to work for treats and to get attention.

8 Reasons Why Yorkie's Are The Best Dogs
8 Reasons Why Yorkie’s Are The Best Dogs

5. Yorkie’s are very loyal dogs

Yorkies love their people and are known for being loyal dogs. There are times when I’ve had clients who were just looking for a family dog. They would get a puppy from a reputable breeder and immediately send their Yorkie to their son. Of course, Yorkies are not babysitters, but you should remember to take them out and let them be good dogs. They are smart I’ve had clients say that they didn’t realize how smart these dogs are. When they get them, they say that their Yorkie is doing tricks. They are like tiny teachers and their purpose is to teach your child or children manners and how to be social. They are calm Yorkies can be calm, so it is a great companion dog. When a dog is calm, it will let you know when something is wrong.

6. Yorkie’s are sweet and loving dogs

As I said Yorkies are very loving dogs. If you have an extra bone and you are about to give it to them they will probably come running and want it in their mouth. Yorkies love to sleep in our laps and will do anything for a treat or to play with a toy. They are great couch and chair buddies and will keep you company no matter where you are. If you are afraid of dogs and have a fear of small ones, do not think you can get away with a Yorkie. Yorkies are small dogs and can easily fit under the covers of your bed at night if you are scared of having them around. Yorkie’s are great dogs for children In the past my children have always wanted a Yorkie or a dog to come with them when they go away to school.

7. Yorkie’s can be affordable dogs

It’s no secret Yorkies are one of the most expensive breeds in the world, they’re one of the most popular ones to own in the world too. Yorkies are relatively affordable dogs, especially with that low price, their rescue rates are average. There is a big difference between a cheap Yorkie and a good one. You want to know what the truth is. I have seen some cases where some rescue dogs are sold as Yorkies and then for sale as something else. It makes no sense, you shouldn’t even consider a dog for sale if it’s not a pure Yorkie. If you want to buy a Yorkie, please know the dog’s history, it might be a good idea to visit a reputable Yorkie rescue organization.

8. Yorkie’s are owned by many famous celebrities

Gisele Bündchen has a Yorkie named Dolly! Madonna has Millie! Rapper 50 Cent has a Yorkie named Penny! The list goes on and on. In the United States alone, a family owns roughly 4 million Yorkies! When they play… they play hard These dogs will play all day long! Yes, all day! If you’re watching a Yorkie playing and you find it a bit bothersome, go on the Internet and find a video of a Yorkie being played with by a very loving owner. That should tide you over until the next Yorkie video you see. Yorkies have an energy that is positive and can turn anyone’s day around Whether it’s at home, a daycare, a camp or even a puppy shop, Yorkie’s are always at the top of their game. There is no dull moment. In fact, if you’re a Yorkie owner, your life may seem dull, but you would be wrong.