Abruzzenhund Dog Breed Information

History of the Abruzzenhund

Abruzzenhund was first recognized as a breed that was distinct in the mid 20th century. They are the descendants of the large white Eastern sheepdogs who came into Europe about 2000 years ago.

Abruzzenhund is a crossbreeding of Turkish sheepdogs Akbash and Karabash and Kuvac, the Kuvac, Slovakian breed Hungarian breed, Komondor, and a French sheepdog Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The Abruzzenhund isn’t the most well-known breed, however, they are trendy across Great Britain and Italy.

These dogs were also larger than the breed we have today. They’ve been used for guard dogs, hunting dogs, and even as working dogs since they are incredibly courageous and tough.

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The height of Abruzzenhund ranges from 60-73cm males is slightly taller than females. In terms of weight, it is 30 to 45 kg Males, too, are heavier than females.



The lifespan of Abruzzenhunds is between 11 and 13 years. But because these dogs don’t possess many weaknesses and aren’t likely to fall ill. They can live longer if they are correctly cared for and given appropriate food, exercise, vaccinations, and dewormings.


Litter Size

The size of the litter of Abruzzenhund varies by parents and genetics, however, as with many large breeds they can have between 6 and 9 puppies. That’s an impressive number considering the size of the breed.



Other Names

Abruzzenhund isn’t the only name for this breed. There are other names you may encounter. Names like Maremma, Pastore, Abruzzese, Cane da Pastore, Maremmano- Abruzzese, Italian Sheepdog, and many more similar names. In essence, they sound alike but there are some distinctions.

Abruzzenhund is a dog that is friendly However, it’s also highly robust. A strong jaw coupled with a sharp bite can make them extremely strong. They have tiny but sharp eyes that are usually dark in color. The undercoat is thick and dense The coat is white and has segments of ivory and white yellow. The long coat and undercoat make them winter-proof.

Health Problems

A wonderful thing about Abruzzenhund is the fact that they’re healthy breeds. They do not suffer from health issues that are chronic So if you’re feeding your dog well and giving them plenty of exercise, they shouldn’t suffer from as many health issues. It is also essential to determine the genetics of your dog.


Caring for the Abruzzenhund

They can learn quickly however, it takes determination and dedication to train to keep their content. They’re great dogs to work with With the proper training they receive, they can be extraordinary. It is crucial to follow the rules and remain on track with training.