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The Affenpinscher is a small dog that has shaggy fur. They have a wiry-type coat, their face fur is always longer than the body’s fur. In size, they are smaller than a working terrier. They are a hardy breed of dog. They should have a reasonable but profound chest and a good square body.

Their head should be round which transcends from the back skull to their muzzle. It has good straight teeth in its lower jaw, which are prominent from its nose. With lovely round eyes, that are black in color. The neck needs to be short and arched.

Their limbs are straight and well boned, not thin. Their tail is docked at two thirds its natural length. Ears are docked as well to give fine points and erect. Some country’s do not allow docking and this has been abandoned there. They mainly have black or grays as the main color, but you can find black and tan, red or silver. The dogs undercoat is slightly curly.

History: The Affenpinscher is one of the oldest toy dog breeds. Its roots go back to the terrier and the Brussels Griffon. The breed’s nickname is “monkey dog”. This is due to the facial expressions and face structure. It is believed to have come from Germany, their name Affenpinscher translates as “monkey Terrier” It is thought the first of this breed worked on the farms and was larger than the dogs we see in the modern counterpart. The dog on the farm job was to keep the rat population down. Later this breed was miniaturized and became a house pet in the 18th century.

Temperament: As with the Terrier family the Affenpinscher needs to feel secure with who is boss. They get on well with other dogs and pets, that they have been raised with. They have an inquisitive nature, and can be rather mischievous and playful. This dog can be rather affectionate but needs firm handling. This breed can be a good companion.

Health issues: The Affenpinscher dog breed can be prone to fractures and also slipped stifle, open fontanel and breathing difficulties in hot weather.
Grooming: Never clip this dog breeds fur short, as if you do you can spend a few years getting the ruined coat back to standard. You will need to brush and comb your dog weekly. Sometimes, like the Terrier it will need plucking done to its fur. This has to be done by a specialist saloon. Hairs can grow in the corner of the eyes and need to be sorted quickly with prompt action.
Living conditions: The Affenpinscher dog breed is very active but can play indoors happily. They can live in apartments. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures, which can damage their fur. Over warm weather can cause breathing difficulties.

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