American Bully Dog Breed Description and Facts

There is consensus that at least five other breeds were used to attain the more “bully” physical traits desired. The American Bully is a highly adaptable and trainable breed, often acting as a loving companion. A breed of dog with a large head which is proportional to their muscular features and their pointed ears sits on the top, has oval-shaped eyes. It is often thought that the American Bully is a type of Pitbull but this is not true. These two breeds are actually completely different. The length of the muzzle is shorter than the length of the skull, being from 25 to 35 percent of the overall length of the head. While some dog breeds have been around for hundreds of years, the American Bully is a new breed, having just been developed during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

History of the American Bully

The American Bully Dog was created by a multi-millionaire named Ruth Jester. Ruth was a “trainer for bully breeds” and according to Ruth, many of these dogs were sent out into the world without being socialized or trained. The dogs had been mixed in with other breeds, sometimes being bred with dogs of other breeds to produce the most aggressive, gangly dogs they could. One such combination that went on to become a major contributing factor in the development of the American Bully was a cross between two of the most popular breeds in America at the time – the bull terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Ruth then decided to import these dogs from England and try to create a breed that was as tough as possible. She dubbed the breed the American Bulldog, after the bull terrier.

Description of the American Bully

Size: The American Bully is considered a large breed of dog measuring up to 5 feet 10 inches at the shoulder. However, typical measurements are 36 to 40 inches from the withers to the top of the back. The American Bully weighs anywhere between 75 and 125 pounds. Width at withers: Approximately 36 to 39 inches. Height: Between 35 and 43 inches at the shoulder, on average. Hair: American Bully dogs have long, silky coats, with a soft undercoat. The hair should not be in ringlets and curls but should be loose, allowing the dog to move freely. The coat should not stand straight up but should be smoothly shaggy and luxurious. Coat Colors: Most American Bully dogs have a medium brown color with black markings, although some may have a black and white pattern.

Personality of the American Bully

While many people believe that the American Bully breed comes from the street, that is not true. As its name suggests, the American Bully is a pet dog. They are intelligent and very obedient and many owners who have used this breed as a family pet since their birth often admit that they have seen a significant change in their child’s behavior, especially their concern about strangers. Their personalities are just like those of a dog, but their kindness and loyalty are also more evident. This breed has a strong desire for human companionship. They are independent and many of them do not like when they are not the one who walks them. However, they love to be around their owners and get excited when they hear their voice.

Temperament of the American Bully

The American Bully is a good family dog with a generally calm temperament, as it is a terrier-type breed. The American Bully is confident with and social with people, and can behave well with kids. While it can be persistent, especially when it wants to play with something it wants, it does not tend to be a vicious dog. They are also unlikely to be aggressive towards other dogs. They love to play and cuddle, being large and lovable. The American Bully Dog Breed American Bully Types The American Bully is a versatile breed with a few different types. They can be a semi-active sporting dog, good with all different types of animals. They are sometimes seen as guard dogs, as they are very intelligent and alert. They are generally good with families and children.

Health Issues of the American Bully

The health issues of the American Bully can range from mild to severe. The American Bully is a well-known, calm dog that seems to always want to help. This breed can have a good life, being well socialized and very obedient. The physical health issues most commonly reported are over-weight and hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. The dog can suffer from overeating and therefore gaining a lot of weight. In severe cases, low blood sugar can be fatal. The American Bully’s diet should consist of a protein-rich food such as turkey, fish and beef. While not overweight, the American Bully’s body may not have any stamina. Running long distances can be hard on the body, particularly with the American Bully being a working breed.

Grooming Needs of the American Bully

The American Bully does have a distinct and somewhat lop-sided appearance with a lower jaw with an attached head that is set up as a boxer’s jaw. This means that its lower jaw sits further back than the rest of the teeth. This low jaw is a true breed characteristic. The chest, at 16-18 inches, is relatively low, with slightly wider flanks than the back. The American Bully’s back legs and joints are rigid to aid in having a lowered center of gravity and to aid in good balance, not allowing the dog to bend or step out of alignment. The American Bully stands about 4 feet high and has one or two toenails. Grooming for the American Bully should begin from the start of its first year and be done weekly. The first step is to trim the nails that stick out on the toes and the front legs.

Training Needs of the American Bully

The American Bully requires training and attention, which is why the dog needs to be a well-trained animal. It is very common for this breed to be very friendly and loveable, but they will also become energetic and high-strung. They are also known to be dogs that tend to bark when excited, especially if there is a lot of movement around them. In order to have a calm and friendly dog, it is very important to train them. Generally, these dogs have large mouths with a large jaw muscle and a lot of strength. Their strength and the shape of their heads are not only a part of the breed but the manner in which their mouths and jaws move when they eat and talk is what makes them so “bully-like.

Exercise Needs of the American Bully

Having been bred to be a farm dog and working to haul things on a farm or in a working dog family, the American Bully is great at activity, especially physical activity. These dogs are eager to run and play, having been bred to be very active. The American Bully is often a wonderful guard dog. These dogs do not like to be left alone, as they need their human companions for companionship and support. The American Bully is a very social breed, even if they are not a good fit for an apartment or other home. The American Bully has a big heart and likes people. These dogs are very easy to train and have all of the basic doggie needs. American Bully – Fear-Free Dog A great dog has an excellent temperment. American Bully will rarely bark and are incredibly affectionate.

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