Animal shelters in Muncie, Indiana serve as a critical resource for companion animals in need of care and a second chance at life. With dedicated facilities like Muncie Animal Care & Services, the city has made great strides towards providing shelter, medical care, and love to animals awaiting adoption. These shelters operate with a commitment to ensuring the well-being of each pet that comes through their doors, consistently working towards the goal of finding loving homes for all.

In Muncie, prospective pet owners have the opportunity to adopt from a variety of animals, contributing to the reduction of homeless pet populations. The adoption process is designed to be thorough yet accessible, ensuring that each match between pet and owner is suitable for both parties. By choosing to adopt from a local shelter, you not only gain a new companion but also contribute to the community’s efforts in animal welfare. Furthermore, these shelters offer additional services like lost and found pet assistance, and community education on responsible pet ownership, reinforcing their role as an integral part of Muncie’s animal care framework.

Key Takeaways

  • Muncie shelters provide comprehensive care and strive for the adoption of every animal.
  • The adoption process is structured to ensure pets find suitable and loving homes.
  • Additional services support the community’s needs and promote responsible pet ownership.

Adoption Process

Initiating the adoption process in Muncie, Indiana, requires understanding the necessary steps and fees involved. Your journey to adding a furry member to your family is streamlined through a clear application process and well-defined policies.

Adoption Application Steps

  1. Research: Begin by reviewing the available pets for adoption, which you can do on Muncie Animal Care & Services’ website. Determine if you are interested in adopting cats, dogs, or other available animals.

  2. Application: Once you’ve selected a pet, you must complete an adoption application. This document gathers your personal details, living situation, and your ability to care for a pet.

  3. Read Carefully: Ensure that you read the entire application to understand the shelter’s policies and requirements for potential adopters.

  4. Approval Process: After submission, your application will undergo a review for approval. Shelters assess your living conditions and whether they are a good fit for the pet’s needs.

  5. Disapproval: If your application is disapproved, it’s often due to specific requirements not being met or the animal’s needs being incompatible with your living situation. Some shelters may provide reasons and suggest alternative options.

Adoption Fees & Policies

  • Adoption Fees:

    • Cats: Typically around $65
    • Dogs: Fees may vary
    • Note: These fees help cover part of the shelter’s costs for spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping.
  • Payment Methods: Be prepared to pay with cash or check as some shelters, such as Muncie Animal Care & Services, do not accept card payments. Visit their Facebook page for current specials and events that might offer reduced fees.

  • Policies: Policies differ from one shelter to another, but commonly include spay/neuter agreements, return procedures in case the adoption doesn’t work out, and follow-up checks to ensure a successful adoption.

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Remember to bring necessary items such as a leash or pet carrier to the shelter when you go to pick up your new pet. Some shelters also offer cardboard carriers for a small fee.

Animal Care and Services

When considering the wellbeing of animals in Muncie, Indiana, the local shelters play a pivotal role, particularly Muncie Animal Care & Services, which extends a range of essential services that support animal health and community involvement.

Veterinary and Health Services

At the heart of animal care in Muncie lies the commitment to veterinary and health services. Your adopted pet receives a comprehensive wellness exam attended to by a licensed veterinarian to ensure they start their new life with you in the best possible health. Key health services include:

  • Spayed/Neutered: To prevent overpopulation and promote responsible pet ownership, animals are routinely spayed or neutered before adoption.
  • Vaccines: Each animal is up-to-date with necessary vaccines to protect against various diseases.
  • Dewormed and Flea Preventative: Treatments are administered to maintain the animal’s health and comfort, reducing the risk of common parasitic infections.

By prioritizing these services, the shelter ensures that every pet is prepared for a healthy transition to their forever home.

Volunteering and Support

Your involvement with Muncie Animal Care & Services can make a substantial difference. The shelter relies on dedicated volunteers to provide various volunteering services that enhance the quality of life for animals awaiting adoption. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Assist in Daily Operations: From feeding to cleaning, volunteers are fundamental to the shelter’s day-to-day functioning.
  • Foster Care: Temporary homes provided by volunteers give animals respite from the shelter and help them become more adoptable.
  • Fundraising and Donations: Contributions and organized fundraising events bolster the resources necessary to care for and protect these animals.

Your support, whether hands-on or through contributions, is invaluable to sustaining the compassionate care these animals receive.

Available Animals

If you’re looking to adopt a pet in Muncie, Indiana, there are a variety of animals waiting for a loving home, ranging from small to large pets, including cats and dogs of various ages. All animals in the adoption program are heartworm/combo tested to ensure they are ready for a healthy start with their new families.

Featured Pets

  • Luna: Adult Cat – A charming medium-sized feline with a gentle purr, waiting for your warm lap.
  • Baxter: Large Adult Dog – Energetic and loyal, Baxter is looking for a spacious backyard and a companion for adventures.

Adoption specials and events are often available, and you can find more about these opportunities by visiting the Muncie Animal Care & Services page.

Animal Profiles

  • Cats:

    • Kittens (under 1 year) — Playful and curious, ideal for families looking for an energetic pet.
    • Adult Cats (1-7 years) — Often calmer than kittens, they make a perfect companion for a cozy home environment.
    • Senior Cats (7+ years) — These wise souls offer a serene presence and deserve a peaceful home.
  • Dogs:

    • Small Breeds — Ideal for apartment living or homes with limited space, often require less exercise.
    • Medium Breeds — Versatile companions that fit well in various living situations, from apartments to larger homes.
    • Large Breeds — Best suited to homes with more space and an active lifestyle to satisfy their exercise needs.

For more detailed profiles and availability, check Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary or the list of adoptable pets at the City of Muncie website.

Contact and Visit Information

When planning your visit to Muncie’s animal shelters, having accurate location details and understanding the various communication channels available are essential for a smooth experience.

Shelter Location and Hours

Muncie Animal Care & Services

  • Address: 901 West Riggin Rd, Muncie, IN 47303
  • Business Hours: Please contact the shelter directly as hours may vary.

For the most current hours of operation, it’s advisable to call in advance. This helps ensure you arrive during times when staff are available to assist you.

Communication Channels

To communicate with the animal shelter, you have a few options:


  • For inquiries during business hours, you can reach out at 765-747-4851.
  • In case of emergencies outside of standard business hours, please contact the Police Dispatch at the same number.


  • For non-urgent communication, sending an email might be more convenient. However, the specific email address isn’t listed here, so you’ll need to look it up on the shelter’s official Facebook page or inquire via phone.

Remember to follow the shelter on Facebook to stay updated on new arrivals, events, and other pertinent information regarding your interest in animal welfare within Muncie, Indiana.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Muncie, Indiana, numerous animal shelters provide services ranging from pet adoption to animal control. These FAQs focus on local shelter options and adoption processes to assist you in finding a companion or services you may need.

What are the options for no-kill animal shelters in Muncie?

Muncie is home to Muncie Animal Care & Services, a proud No-Kill animal shelter that focuses on the welfare of animals.

Where can I find a shelter that offers pet adoptions in Muncie?

For pet adoptions, visit Muncie Animal Care & Services, which provides a range of adoptable pets, including those that are vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

Are there any animal shelters open 24 hours in the Muncie area?

While there may not be animal shelters in Muncie operating 24 hours for public visits, emergency services are available for urgent animal control issues through Muncie Animal Care & Services by contacting their office during business hours.

How can I adopt a dog from a Muncie animal shelter?

To adopt a dog in Muncie, you can review the adoption process and available dogs at Muncie Animal Care & Services.

Which animal shelters in Muncie have cats available for adoption?

Muncie Animal Care & Services is the main shelter in Muncie with a variety of cats available for adoption.

Can you recommend a reputable animal shelter on Riggin Road in Muncie?

For a reputable shelter located on Riggin Road, you may want to inquire at Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary, which provides care and adoptions for domestic pets in the Muncie area.