Apple Head vs. Deer Head Chihuahua: Spot the Differences

Have you ever wondered about the differences between apple-head and deer-head chihuahuas, two popular dog breeds? These two varieties of chihuahuas may look similar at first glance, but they have distinct characteristics that set them apart according to breed standards. As a canine lover, it’s important to understand the differences between these two chihuahua types. Global Rescue

Apple-head and deer-head chihuahuas are canine breeds that vary in appearance according to breed standards. They come in various colors and patterns and can produce pups with different looks, even within the same litter. Depending on their breed type, these animals are known for their rounded or flatter skulls. America Humane Society

It’s important to note that while there are differences between apple-head and deer-head chihuahuas, they are still considered the same canine breed. These adorable animals have two distinct skull varieties but are still called chihuahuas. Humane Society International

Physical Differences Between Apple Head and Deer Head Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are one of the most popular toy breeds of animals, known for their small size and big personalities. However, did you know that there are two distinct varieties of chihuahuas: apple head and deer head? While both types share similarities in temperament, they also have several physical differences that set them apart as pups.

Apple Head Chihuahuas

Apple head chihuahuas, beloved by many, get their name from their round-shaped skull resembling an apple. This type of Chihuahua is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and has standards that breeders must follow to ensure consistency in appearance. According to Pixabay, young deer are often compared to apple-head chihuahuas due to their big eyes and small features.

  • Round skull shape: The breed standards dictate that apple-head chihuahuas should have a rounder skull compared to deer-head chihuahuas, highlighting the difference between the two types.
  • Short skull and apple dome: Their snouts, with short skull and apple dome, are shorter than deer head chihuahuas.
  • Bulging eyes: Apple heads, resembling the skull of a young deer, often have large, bulging eyes that give them an innocent and cute look. This trait is particularly prominent in the chihuahua breed, including the long-haired Chihuahua.
  • Smaller size: On average, apple-headed chihuahua breed weigh between 2-6 pounds and stand about 5-8 inches tall. They are known for their small skull and haired chihuahua appearance.
  • Protruding forehead: Their forehead protrudes slightly over their nose.

Deer Head Chihuahuas

Deer head chihuahuas get their name from their longer snout that resembles a deer’s face. Unlike apple heads, deer heads do not have a breed standard recognized by the AKC because they deviate too much from the traditional look of chihuahuas. However, many people prefer deer heads due to their unique appearance, particularly the shape of their skulls. Here are some key physical characteristics of deer head chihuahuas:

  • Longer snout and skull: This is perhaps the most noticeable difference between the two types. Deer heads have longer snouts and larger skulls, giving them a more elongated face.
  • Larger ears: Their ears are larger and stand upright compared to apple head chihuahuas.
  • Longer legs: Deer heads have longer legs than apple heads, which makes them taller and leaner in appearance.
  • Almond-shaped eyes: Unlike apple heads, deer head chihuahuas have almond-shaped eyes set farther apart on their face.
  • Larger size: On average, deer head chihuahuas weigh 8-15 pounds and stand about 8-12 inches tall.

Differences Between Apple Head and Deer Head Chihuahuas

The physical differences between apple-head and deer-head chihuahuas extend beyond their appearance. Here are some key differences:

  • Breed recognition: The AKC recognizes apple-head chihuahuas as a separate breed but not deer-head chihuahuas due to their deviation from the traditional look of the breed.
  • Health concerns: Due to their shorter snouts, apple heads may be prone to respiratory issues such as tracheal collapse or reverse sneezing.

Personality Traits of Apple Head Chihuahuas

If you’re considering getting a Chihuahua, you may have heard the terms “apple head” and “deer head” thrown around. These two types of Chihuahuas have distinct physical characteristics and personality traits.

Loyal and Affectionate

One of the most well-known personality traits of apple head Chihuahuas is their loyalty and affection towards their owners. These little dogs bond closely with their humans and love to cuddle up in laps or under blankets for warmth. They are known for being excellent lap dogs and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Reserved Around Strangers

While apple head Chihuahuas are loyal to their owners, they can be quite reserved around strangers. This is due to their protective nature; they were originally bred as watchdogs. They may bark at unfamiliar people or animals, but with proper socialization, they can learn to be more comfortable around new faces.

Well-suited for Apartment Living

Due to their small size, apple head Chihuahuas are well-suited for apartment living. They don’t require a lot of space or exercise, making them ideal pets for those who live in smaller homes or apartments. However, it’s important to note that all dogs need some form of exercise and mental stimulation, so regular walks or playtime should still be incorporated into their daily routine.

Prone to Separation Anxiety

One potential downside to owning an apple head Chihuahua is that they can be prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. These little dogs thrive on human companionship and can become anxious or destructive if left alone too often. If you work long hours or travel frequently, getting an apple head Chihuahua as a pet may not be the best idea.

Training and Socialization

Like all dogs, apple-head Chihuahuas require proper training and socialization to become well-behaved pets. It’s important to start training early and be consistent with commands and expectations. Positive reinforcement works best with these little dogs, as they respond well to treats and praise.

Socialization is also crucial for apple-head Chihuahuas, as they can be prone to shyness or fearfulness if not exposed to different people, animals, and environments at a young age. Puppy classes or regular playdates with other friendly dogs can help them develop into confident and well-adjusted pets.

Personality Traits of Deer Head Chihuahuas

Deer head Chihuahuas are a popular breed of dog known for their friendly and outgoing personality. They are often compared to their apple-head counterparts, but there are several significant differences in their temperament and characteristics.

Laid-back and Less High-Strung

One of the most notable differences between deer and apple-head Chihuahuas is their energy levels. While apple heads tend to be more high-strung and nervous, deer heads are generally more laid-back and relaxed. This makes them an excellent choice for families who want a companion to keep up with their active lifestyle without being overly demanding.

Adaptable to Different Environments

Another trait that sets deer head Chihuahuas apart from other breeds is adaptability. These dogs can thrive in various environments, from small apartments to large homes with yards. They also tend to be more comfortable around strangers than apple heads, making them an ideal choice for families who like to entertain guests.

Loyal and Affectionate

Despite their small size, deer head Chihuahuas are incredibly loyal and affectionate towards their owners. They love nothing more than spending time with their human family members, whether cuddling on the couch or going for long walks together. Their loyalty also extends to protecting their family members from potential threats, making them excellent watchdogs despite their small size.

Brave and Protective

While they may be small, deer head Chihuahuas have big personalities. They are known for being brave in the face of danger and will not hesitate to defend those they love against perceived threats. This protective instinct makes them an excellent choice for families with children or those living in areas with high crime rates.

Which Type of Chihuahua is Best Suited for Your Lifestyle?

If you’re considering adding a chihuahua to your family, it’s important to know that there are two distinct types: apple head and deer head. Both types have unique characteristics, so it’s essential to consider your lifestyle before choosing which type of Chihuahua is best suited for you.

Consider Your Lifestyle and Time Before Choosing a Type

Chihuahuas are known for their distinctive head shape and being fun-loving and affectionate companions. However, it’s important to consider their head shape when adopting one, as they may have certain health issues related to it. Before bringing a chihuahua home, understand the potential health concerns associated with its head shape.

Apple-head chihuahuas are generally more delicate than their deer-head counterparts. They tend to be smaller in size and weight, making them an excellent choice for those who live in apartments or have limited space. On the other hand, deer-head chihuahuas are larger and more robust than apple heads; they may require more room to run around.

Health Concerns May Vary Between Chihuahua Types

Both apple-head and deer-head chihuahuas have their unique issues. Apple heads tend to have a shorter snout than deer heads; this can lead to breathing difficulties or dental problems later in life. Deer heads may be prone to hip dysplasia due to their larger size.

It’s essential to research the potential health concerns associated with each type, including the deer head Chihuahua variety, before adopting a pup fully. Regular visits with your veterinarian can help keep your furry friend healthy throughout their life, especially considering the differences in head shape between the deer head and apple head counterparts.

Size and Weight Can Differ Greatly Between Chihuahua Varieties

Size is one of the most significant differences between apple and deer-head chihuahuas. Apple heads tend to be smaller, weighing between 2-6 pounds and around 5-8 inches tall. Deer heads can weigh up to 20 pounds and stand around 12 inches tall.

If you have limited space or prefer a more portable pup, an apple-head chihuahua may be your best choice. A deer-head chihuahua may be the better option if you’re looking for a larger companion to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Exercise Needs May Vary Depending on Your Chihuahua’s Shape and Coat

Both apple and deer-head chihuahuas require regular exercise to maintain health and happiness. However, their activity needs may vary depending on their shape and coat.

Apple-head chihuahuas have shorter legs than deer heads, making it more challenging to keep up during long walks or hikes. If your apple head has a long coat, it may overheat quickly in warmer weather.

Deer head chihuahuas are generally more active due to their larger size; they require daily exercise to stay healthy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Apple Head and Deer Head Chihuahuas

If you’re considering getting a Chihuahua, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want an apple head or deer head variety. Both types have unique characteristics and are equally adorable, but some differences may influence your decision.

Size and Appearance

One of the most noticeable differences between apple-head and deer-head Chihuahuas is their size and appearance. Apple heads are smaller, with a rounder skull shape. They also tend to have shorter snouts and more prominent eyes, giving them a cute “doll-like” appearance.

Deer heads, however, are larger, with a more elongated skull shape. Their snouts are longer than apple heads and have a more sloping forehead. Overall, deer heads have a leaner and more athletic build than apple heads.

Consider your lifestyle and preferences when choosing between these two varieties based on size and appearance. If you live in an apartment or small house with limited space, an apple head may be better suited for you due to its smaller size. However, a deer head’s more athletic build may be ideal if you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or running with your dog by your side.

Health Concerns

Both apple-head and deer-head Chihuahuas can experience health issues like any other dog breed. However, certain conditions are more common in one type than the other.

Apple heads are prone to dental issues due to their short snouts, which can cause crowding of teeth, leading to dental problems such as gum disease or tooth decay. Regular dental check-ups can help keep their teeth healthy.

Deer heads may be prone to joint problems because of their larger size, which adds stress to joints, leading to arthritis or hip dysplasia later in life. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and weight management can help prevent these issues.

When deciding between apple-head and deer-head Chihuahuas, it’s important to consider the potential health concerns associated with each type. If you’re willing to care extra for your dog’s teeth, an apple head may be a great choice. However, a deer head may be the way to go if you prefer a larger dog that is less prone to dental issues but requires more attention.

Temperament and Personality

Another factor to consider when choosing apple-head and deer-head Chihuahuas is their temperament and personality. While both types are known for being loyal and affectionate lap dogs, their behavior has some differences.

Apple heads tend to be more clingy and dependent on their owners for comfort, making them great companions for those who want constant affection. They also have a lower energy level than deer heads, making them ideal pets for seniors or living in apartments.

Deer heads are more independent than apple heads and tend to have higher energy levels, making them better suited for families with kids or active individuals who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or running.

Breeders and Rescues: Where to Find Your Chihuahua

Finding a Chihuahua Breeder

Finding a reputable breeder is crucial if you’re looking for a chihuahua with a specific head shape. You can start your search by contacting the chihuahua club in your area or checking out kennel clubs specializing in the breed. These organizations typically have lists of registered and certified breeders who can provide you with the right type of chihuahua head shape.

When researching potential breeders for deer head Chihuahuas, it’s important to ask them about their breeding practices and how they ensure the health and well-being of their dogs. A good breeder will be transparent about their breeding process and should be able to provide you with information on genetic testing, vaccinations, and socialization.

It’s also essential to look for signs that the breeder is reputable, especially if you’re interested in deer head Chihuahuas. They should allow you to visit their facility, meet their dogs, and see their upbringing. They should be willing to answer any questions about the breed.

Adopting a Chihuahua from a Rescue Organization

Adopting a chihuahua from a rescue organization is an excellent option for pet parents who want to give these loving dogs another chance at life. Many shelters and rescue groups specialize in chihuahuas, so finding one that fits your needs is easy.

When adopting a deer head chihuahua from a rescue organization, it’s essential to research the group thoroughly before making any commitments. Look for reviews online or ask friends if they know anyone who has adopted this breed from them before.

Many rescue organizations require an application process before adoption. This ensures that potential adopters are properly prepared for chihuahua care.

Understanding Breed Standards

The American Kennel Club (AKC) sets the breed standard for chihuahuas based on physical characteristics such as size, coat color, and temperament. Understanding these standards can help you choose the right Chihuahua for your family.

For example, if you’re looking for a long-haired chihuahua, it’s important to know that the AKC does not recognize them. However, many reputable breeders still specialize in this type of Chihuahua.

Another essential aspect of understanding breed standards is knowing about moles. A soft spot on the skull is common in haired chihuahuas and can lead to health issues if not properly cared for. When adopting or purchasing a chihuahua with hair, ask about their molera and how to care for it.

Making the Right Choice Between Apple Head and Deer Head Chihuahuas

After considering the physical differences and personality traits between apple-head and deer-head Chihuahuas, choosing the type of Chihuahua that best suits your lifestyle is important. Factors such as activity level, living space, and grooming requirements should be considered before deciding.

Finding a reputable breeder or rescue organization is crucial when choosing between apple head and deer head Chihuahuas. This ensures you get a healthy puppy or adult dog properly cared for.

In conclusion, whether you decide on an apple-head or deer-head Chihuahua, research and choose the breed that fits your lifestyle best. With proper care and attention, either type of Chihuahua can make a loving companion for years.


Q: Are apple-head or deer-head Chihuahuas easier to train?

A: Both types of Chihuahuas can be trained with patience and consistency. However, apple heads may be easier to train due to their smaller size and less stubborn personality.

Q: Do apple-head or deer-head Chihuahuas shed more?

A: Both types of Chihuahuas shed moderately year-round. However, deer heads may have slightly longer hair, which could result in more shedding.

Q: Which type of Chihuahua is better for families with children?

A: Either type of Chihuahua can make a great family pet with proper socialization and training. However, children must be taught how to handle them gently due to their more delicate nature.

Q: How often do apple head or deer head Chihuahuas need grooming?

A: Both types of Chihuahuas require regular grooming, including brushing their coat once a week and occasional baths. However, apple heads may require more frequent grooming due to their shorter hair.

Q: Are apple-head or deer-head Chihuahuas prone to health issues?

A: Both types of Chihuahuas can be prone to dental problems, patellar luxation, and eye issues. Choosing a reputable breeder who screens their dogs for these health concerns is important.

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