Is Training the Afghan Hound Easy or Hard?

That question isn’t that easy to answer. So many factors come into play when it comes to such a sophisticated animal. Genetics and early socialization will play a big part in how easy or hard training your dog will be. It’s best to hire a professional obedience trainer once the puppy reaches adolescence. Weekly lessons are best until your Afghan Hound puppy gets the basic training commands.

The Afghan Hound is a breed of hound distinguished by its fine coat, thick tail, and ring curl. This breed was selectively bred in the cold mountainous areas of Afghanistan. They are more unique than rare, but they are definitely in the Top 10 of the most popular hound dog breeds globally.

Many owners are drawn to this dog breed because of how beautiful this dog is. This breed has consistently done well in the show ring and is sure to catch the eye of strangers and friends when you are out for your daily walk. This article provides a brief history of this breed. Let’s begin with an overview of what makes the Afghan Hound unique.

The Afghan Hound is a high-maintenance breed that is always up and running. This breed is considered highly intelligent and suited to an active lifestyle. Though this breed is known to be standoffish and wary of strangers, they are generally social animals and will bond well with your family over time.

However, they need early socialization and exercise, as they can become shy around other dogs and people. If you are a new pet owner, start socializing your Afghan puppy with other pets and people when it is still young.

The Afghan Hound needs regular brushing and bathing like any other long-haired dog breed. Grooming is essential for a healthy coat and overall health. The Afghan Hound’s coat is prone to tangles, so it is vital to bathe and brush your dog regularly.

Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner and a soft oval pin brush. Use a brush to clean the dog’s hair for the most thorough grooming. Many Afghan owners give the dogs a puppy cut or close shave, so they don’t have to deal with excessive bathing and brushing.

Aside from its beautiful appearance, the Afghan Hound is a mellow companion. While the breed is reserved with strangers, it is amicable and affectionate with the family. While it is not a playmate dog, Afghans tend to tolerate children when raised with them. Keeping them with children is crucial since they can be shy about new things. They are very devoted to their families and should be socialized as puppies.

When picking your Afghan Hound puppy out, you should have the opportunity to hold and play with the puppy, see the parents, and interact with them. This will tell you a lot about your dog’s personality once it reaches adulthood. You can adopt one from an animal shelter or rescue if you do enough calling.

With the Afghan being a less popular dog breed, it’s going to be a challenge finding one turned over for adoption. The Afghan Hound is a beautiful addition to most families. Whether you’re looking for a pet for yourself or a gift, this breed is an excellent choice. Everyone will appreciate its regal appearance.

If you’re looking for an aristocratic dog, the Afghan Hound is the right breed. Remember, the Afghan Hound is an intelligent breed of hound. It is well-suited for outdoor activities and the show ring.  The Afghan Hound is a very strong-willed dog who needs a firm voice to get the desired result.

Even the best-trained dogs aren’t always easy to train. The dog may seem unresponsive but has a great attitude and will listen to you if you provide consistent training, socialization, and proper care.

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