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Argos Pet insurance Guide: Is Pet Insurance the way of the future, or a useless expense? The first pet insurance policy was written in 1924 in Sweden, and the first policy written in the United States occurred in 1982 for a famous television dog, Lassie.

Today, less than three percent of pets in the United States have some form of pet insurance, while roughly twenty-five percent of pets in the United Kingdom have insurance.

Sweden leads the way with a whopping fifty percent of pets having some form of pet insurance. In a recent study, pet owners were asked whether or not they considered their pets to be part of the family, eighty-eight percent said they did, and four percent answered not sure and seven percent answered no. With such high numbers of families that consider their pet to be part of the family, it is shocking that there are so few of these pets that have some sort of insurance. It becomes even more shocking when you examine some of the top cost-heavy procedures done by vets in 2010.

The most expensive being Intervertebral Disc Disease at $3,282 and the least expensive being an Ear Canal Surgery at $1,285. The most frequent vet visit would be for a Torn Knee Ligament or Cartilage which would cost an average of $1,578. For pet owners with Argos pet insurance coverage, these costs are substantially lower.

With vet bills skyrocketing, it would be hard to imagine shelling out thousands of dollars to treat your pet for any of these ailments. In a poll conducted by AP-Petside, only forty-two percent of pet owners would pay for a procedure that would cost more than $1,000. With eighty-eight percent of pet owners considering their pets to be family to would think a higher percentage would do whatever it takes to care for their pet and in some cases save their lives.
As medical technologies advance for humans, those same technologies also advance for your pets.

Procedures such as laser surgery, endoscopy, ultrasounds, echocardiography, and MRIs are now available to veterinarians across the world. These medical advances provide new ways and techniques for extending and bettering your pet’s life. But these new medical advances come at a price, rising vet bets.

What was once a niche in the market, pet insurance is now becoming widely available across the world. Becoming mainstream means lots of companies to choose from, especially in the pet insurance market where many companies offer competitive rates and pricing for their programs. For instance, Argos Pet Insurance offers levels of protection for your pet, their silver, gold and platinum coverage.

Their silver and gold plans cover your pet up to ₤2,500 and ₤4,000 respectively, per condition and up to twelve months. The platinum plan covers your pet up to ₤7,000 per condition and over the lifetime of the condition. And should your vet bill exceed the coverage cost an owner would only have to pay ₤65 per condition. Argos Pet Insurance also has reimbursements up to ₤250, ₤750 and ₤1,500, depending on your plan, should your pet die from illness or accidental injuries.

For dog owners, Argos also offers third party liability up to ₤2,000,000 should your dog attack another person or cause damage to property. Argos Pet Insurance also offers coverage and services ranging from advertising and rewards should your pet be lost or stolen to boarding and kennelling fees and emergency medical expenses if you are traveling abroad. Argos even has helplines should you need them when traveling overseas, or if you need legal advice in regards to your pet and bereavement counseling should your pet pass away.

More Advantages Of Argos Pet insurance

Another great feature of Argos Pet Insurance is there is no maximum age to receive coverage, which most other companies do have. Most other pet insurance companies will not provide or will cut coverage once your pet hits a certain age, which can be heartbreaking because as your pet gets older that is when it will need the coverage the most. Argos will continue to provide coverage for your pet as it continues to get up there in age. And should your pet get lost or stolen, Argos provides a pet finder helpline to help you find your pet.

Though not guaranteed to find your pet, Argos will do everything it can to help reunite you with your pet. As the market grows and more companies begin to offer pet insurance, it’s the personal nature of a company that will ultimately help gain more buyers. It’s the personal touch of Argos that will help its continued growth in the United Kingdom.

When misfortune occurs to a family member, it is always best to have help there and get you through any situation. If you need to go to the hospital, having insurance for pets will help pay huge doctor’s bills. So why not provide the same protections for your pet? Just like humans, pets get injured or become ill, and veterinary bills are no different. As technology improves and access to better equipment improves, vet bills will continue to rise. And when you consider eighty-eight percent of pet owners would consider their pets to be part of the family, wouldn’t you want your family member to have the best coverage you can afford.

Argos Pet Insurance offers a variety of coverage for your pet, and along with having no maximum age for coverage, Argos offers many personal touches in their coverage. From various helplines to many benefits of coverage, such as overseas travel coverage and coverage for a lost or stolen pet, Argos provides great plans for reasonable and competitive prices. For ₤4 a month for cats and ₤7 a month for dogs, Argos offers great coverage for your four-legged companions.

Argos does not even charge interest on your payments, they instead spread your payments out evenly over a twelve-month period. So with the rising costs of vet bills, having pet insurance is a no brainer, especially if it will help to save your pet’s life in an emergency situation. You will be able to avoid making the tough decision of whether to save your pet or worrying about paying your other bills from the enormous cost. With coverage from Argos pet insurance, you can be confident your pet and your wallet will be taken care of.



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