ASDA Pet Insurance Review

ASDA Pet Insurance: Have you seen the movie Hachiko? It is a story about a dog’s loyalty to his owner even after several years after his death. This story showed that a dog is indeed a man’s best friend.

Our best friend protects not just us but our homes as well from robbers and other people or things that may do us harm. It is just right that we also give them the protection that they deserve. When they are in pain, we do not just let them heal on their own. If they are sick and would need to go to the veterinarian, we do not just ignore them and say, “He’s just a dog.” If they die, we do not just throw them in the dump truck. We should treat them just like we do our best friends.

ASDA Pet Insurance could be the best way to show our gratitude to them. They offer insurance not just for our pet dogs but for cats as well. With ASDA, you can take your pet to the vet without worrying about shelling out cash, as they can pay them for you. If you have two or more pets availing of their insurance, you also get 20% discount and still be able to avail of the same services which includes X-rays, medicines, surgery and nursing care.

You have three levels of cover to choose from depending on your pets need: Value, Standard and Superior. The usual basis of most pet owners when they get insurance with ASDA is the breed of their pets. Only you, as their best friend, can decide what they really need. All these levels of cover are very affordable for you. You can either purchase it on a one off payment or you can do it pay monthly at no extra cost. Covers for pet insurance include Veterinarian’s fees, death from illness, death from accident, overseas travel, quarantine costs, emergency expenses abroad and third party liability if in case your pet does harm anybody.

Getting a pet insurance protects your pet even when you are travelling abroad. As we all know, travelling with them is not that easy, there are always a lot of conditions especially when we are boarding on a public transport. So to give us peace of mind as well from all the expenses that having a pet may require, ASDA offers us their pet insurance.

In case we lose our pet, ASDA also makes sure we do not stop getting another out of fear that we would lose them again. They also offer counselling for pet owners as they know how depressing it is to have a pet in the house for several years and you have treated them just like family and then you lose them. To get over that feeling and be able to move on with a new one, we might as well take advantage of what ASDA offers. If we lose a dog, we might want to get a cat next time.

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