The Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher Dog Breed

Overview: This Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher is a robust tiny dog larger than the German companion that is the German Pinscher. Austrian Pinschers are traditional breeds of dogs used by farmers initially designed to transport cattle and protect the house.

The paintings from the 1700s depict an animal similar to the breed prevalent in the present. They are excellent at catching rats, and they also tend to bite. This breed is uncommon in the outside world and is not found anywhere else but in Austria.

Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher

Temperament: The breed was initially designed to be a farm dog discovered to guard farms, livestock, and their homes. The Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher may be pretty strenuous; however, they’re generally incredibly relaxed with people they are familiar with.

They are most comfortable in a setting that allows them to apply their skills. They love playing and will be part of any activity. The Austrian Shorthaired Pinschers also enjoy sport and are most relaxed in an environment where they can utilize their talents naturally.

The breed is affluent and is extremely alert – they are known to bark when they hear something suspicious. Because of this, living in cities is unsuitable and may not get along alongside other dog breeds.

They can occasionally bite when they are taking their guarding duties extremely seriously. This breed requires plenty of space and lots of exercise. If your environment isn’t ideal for this type of dog, take them on long walks regularly.

Care: They have very few grooming requirements and should be groomed only occasionally to eliminate dead and excessive hairs. The Austrian Shorthaired Pinschers can not excessively shed dogs and be used with allergy sufferers.

Training: Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher’s instruction must be conducted in a loving, fair, respectful, and strict manner. This breed can learn quickly and perform extremely well in competitions for skill. If the correct handler teaches them, they can also do well in obedience tests.

Health issues: The breed has some health problems, but none of them is very severe. They may experience HD issues and suffer from a heart disease that is genetically inherited. The average lifespan of these dogs is between 12 and 14 years old.


Breed group: Pinschers

Weight: 26-40 lbs

Height 14 to 20 inches


The Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher is a medium-sized dog with a distinct personality and attractive appearance. These pinscher-type dogs were originally farm dogs, keeping barns free of rats. They also functioned as livestock guards and home guards.

Today, they’re often used as companions for families. They can even be trained to work as herding dogs. But the best way to discover whether an Austrian Shorthaired is a good dog for you is to read the breed’s history.

The Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher is a hard-coated, pear-shaped dog with a powerful muzzle. The tail is curled and ends at the base of the tail. The ears are erect and hang slightly above the head.

The body is long, with broad, rounded musculature. The double coat is short and hard, with a white undercoat. The color ranges from red to black/tan. The tail is left curled over the back.

The Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher’s head is pear-shaped with a powerful muzzle. The ears are short, pointing upwards and set high on the head. Their eyes are large and round and are also black.

Their large, button-shaped eyes are expressive and distinctive. The body is well-built and muscular, with a barrel-shaped, deep, rounded chest. Its tail is left-curled and is carried high over the body while moving.