Bail Bonds, Bail Bondsman, Bail Hotline in Franklin County, Arkansas

Bob Cole Bail Bonds, Inc.
301 Wheeler
Fort Smith, AR 72901
(479) 785-5566

Bail Bond Financing, Inc.
7000 Jefferson Parkway, Suite D
White Hall, AR 71602
(870) 535-8800
(877) 535-2245
104 East Main (479) 667-4002

J.E. Bonding, Inc.
P.O. Box 485
Higden, AR 72067
(501) 825-6500
(479) 667-2221

First Arkansas Bail Bonds, Inc.
706 South Main Street, Suite E
Mountain Home, AR 72653
(870) 425-6090
(870) 425-7730
(479) 667-8787
Ozark (479) 667-0022

Exit Bail Bond Company
200 South 7th Street
(479) 782-1110
(800) 647-6610
(479) 667-3411

Buddy York Bail Bonds, Inc.
5032 Lynch Drive
N. Little Rock, AR 72117
(501) 945-3425
(800) 332-2455
(501) 945-3425

Bryce’s Bail Bonding, Inc.
P.O. Box 206
Higden, AR 72067
(501) 825-6571

Fair Deal Bail Bonding, Inc.
3090 S. School
Fayetteville, AR 72701
(479) 521-4290
(866) 521-4290
(479) 474-4409

Free At Last Bail Bonds Co., Inc.
201 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72206
(501) 375-3733
(501) 375-3733
(501) 779-6454

Franklin County
Donna’s Bail Bonds, Inc.
P.O. Box 1919
North Little Rock, AR 72115
(501) 758-5522
(501) 758-5522

Bail Bonds by Charles Pearson Co., Inc.
1421 S. Chester
Little Rock, AR 72202
(501) 758-5658
(877) 758-5658

Spencer Bonding Services, Inc.
2756 South School
Fayelltville, AR 72701
(479) 442-6191
1101 Rogers Avenue (479) 667-2245

Ace Bail Bonds, LLC.
2846 S. School Avenue
Fayetteville, AR 72701
(479) 442-9600
(479) 967-2663
(479) 967-2663

Bail Bond Brokers, Inc.
P.O. Box 110
Higden, AR 72067
(870) 453-7831

Bail Bonds by Greg & Red, Inc.
P.O. Box 1126
Stuttgart, AR 72160
(870) 673-2245
(501) 982-2663
(501) 982-2663

Kathy’s Bail Bonds, Inc.
2400 David Drive
Alexander, AR 72002
(501) 778-2245
(888) 397-4977
(479) 667-5266

Triple R Bail Bonds, Inc.
P.O. Box 511
Ash Flat, AR 72513
(870) 257-2282
(866) 593-7457
(479) 782-4800

Above are the jail phone lists by county of bail bond companies.

These are the lists that are supposed to be posted in all county, municipal jails, and private jails pursuant to Arkansas Code Ann. §17-19-306.

Arkansas Bail Bond List Code States That:

The chief law enforcement officer of any facility having individuals or prisoners in their custody shall post in plain view in the facility housing those individuals or prisoners a list of registered bonding companies prepared by the Professional Bail Bond Licensing Board.

Bond companies are included on the list in the order in which they were initially registered.

After January 1, 2008 bond companies must register or amend by submitting a written request with pertinent information on company letterhead bearing the original signature of an officer/owner to the Board at 101 E. Capitol, St 117, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201.

The registration is only for the purpose of being included on the list.

A company does not have to be on the list to write a bond.

Arkansas Bail Bond List Pursuant to Arkansas Code Ann. §17-19-110

A licensed bail bond agent shall be permitted to write a bail bond in any county of this state provided the agent and his company are in good standing with the courts in the jurisdiction where the bond is to be posted and has in his/her possession:

The Agent’s bail bond license which will identify the Agent’s employing Bail Bond Company and the Agent’s qualifying Power of Attorney.

About the “Professional Bail Bonds Company and Professional Bail Bonds Licensing Board of Arkansas:

Act 500 of 1993 created the Professional Bail Bonds Company and Professional Bail Bondsman Licensing Board which regulates the Arkansas bail bonds industry.

The bail bonding industry was previously managed by the Commissioner of Insurance and the Department of Insurance for the State of Arkansas.


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