Banfield Pet Insurance Review

Banfield pet insurance is one of the major pet insurance in the US today. They are popular among pet lovers with their optimum wellness plans which give regular medical care to pets.

It has been proved that regular medical care is one of the major reasons behind a healthy longer life among humans. This is also true with pets. If pets are given regular access to medical care, they will show a high energy level and live a longer life.

Banfield was launched by a seasoned vet called Dr. Warren J Wegert in Portland Oregon, US. His main goal was to give medical care to pets which match that of human quality. His pet insurance schemes and hospital chains all around the US are easily accessible and also affordable to the public.

With over 50 years of service in the pet care industry and has more than 500 clinics all over the US, Banfield has become a trusted brand among pet lovers. There are more than two million pets enrolled in this pet health care system. Banfield has recently formed a partnership with Pet Smart and this partnership has opened numbers of Pet Smart stores all over the US.

Banfield preventive care is specially designed to make regular pet care affordable. Pet care insurance policies are planned in accordance with the age of your pets. This insurance policy will give coverage to seasonal vaccinations, regular dental clean-ups and yearly whole body checkups.

Pets age faster than humans. It is said that one year of pet life is equal to five or six years of human life. This is where the pet insurance policy comes in. it eases the job of pet owners and helps them to carry out periodic health checkups of their pets.

If you want to provide good health care to your pets, you must subscribe to the Optimum Wellness Plan of Banfield pet insurance. This plan ensures regular health checkups that help to protect the pets from chronic illness.

Most people confuse wellness plans with pet insurance schemes. In reality, both of them are entirely different. Wellness plans focus mainly on the aspects of preventative medicine. But the insurance plans do something similar to that of common insurance policies. Wellness plans try to prevent chronic illness on pets while insurance schemes help only after the pet falls sick.

Banfield has plans for dogs, puppies, cats as well as kittens. The affordability is the main feature of these plans. If your pet is covered under a plan, it makes your pet eligible for free lifetime office visits and offers exciting discounts on various vet services and products.

There are a number of other benefits if your pet is enrolled for a basic plan. With basic plans, your pet will get annual vaccinations with bi-annual physical examinations. Other offers include regular removal of worms, blood exams and issuing of health certificates.

Most of the offers of the basic plans are similar to that of a comprehensive insurance plan. Basic plans don’t pay for surgeries or other serious illness which comes under comprehensive insurance. Banfield pet insurance is promoted by claiming that it helps your pets to live longer and healthy.

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