The Basset Hound is a short but heavy dog that has a large well proportioned head. The head is rounded. This dog has lovely but sad looking eyes, which are brown in color, they also have prominent jaws.

Their skin falls in folds and is lose on the head. It has large long hanging ears that are velvety and hang low. Their bite can be scissor or even.

They have a deep chest that is prominent and is slightly in front of the front legs. They are between eleven and fifteen inches in height. They have big paws on short but stocky legs.

Their tail reaches just below their hock and is straight. There is no rule when it comes to the colors of this breed, we see mostly white with chestnut or with sand colored markings, black, tan, white and or red. They can live for ten to twelve years.

Temperament: The Basset Hound is a great all-round dog that is gentle and kind. This breed is peaceful and well behaved. This dog fits into family life very well and is good with children.

They are slow to potty train but get there in the end with positive reinforcement and a ton of patients.

This dog needs to have consistent rules in the house that all humans follow. Good leadership is a must to gain the best this lovely dog can offer.

History: The Basset Hound is an old breed which is said to be descended of the Bloodhound. The name comes from the French “Bass” meaning low.

Shakespeare has even described this breed. There has been some contra verity in this breeds past, and hot debates as to whether it is a hunting dog or companion dog.

The truth is it has been both. While it is a short hound it has a great sense of smell, has advantages with its comparative slowness to others in the hound family, which makes it less likely to frighten the game and for the walking hunter the pace is just right.

It is also a great companion dog who is affectionate and loving. They were registered with the American Kennel Club in 1885, it is said that George Washington owned Basset Hounds.

Health issues: You have to be careful not to over feed the Basset Hound dog breed, as being over weight can create problems for their legs and spine.

They can get lameness and paralysis due to the short legs and long body. Here is a breed that can get bloat as well; this needs careful watching if they eat a large meal.

By far the best thing for this breed is three to four small meals a day.

Grooming: The Basset Hound dog breed has a smooth short coat so it is very easy to keep clean.

A brush and comb will be needed for weekly grooming. Bath this dog, only when necessary. Weekly checks on eyes and ears are needed and just a wipe around these areas weekly. This is a constant shedder.

Living conditions: The Basset Hound dog, due to its adaptable nature, can live in an apartment.

They are docile indoors but outside, they can run for hours. Walking is a must for this dog. Plenty of play and walks will be best for this breed.

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