Description: The Bavarian Mountain Hound has an elongated head that is strong. The skull is slightly domed and is broad. The muzzle is wide and they have a firm jaw.

The nose has wide nostrils and is black or dark red in color. The eyes are hound like in look. The ears are high set and of medium length, these are broad and have rounded tips.

The male is 18½ inches in height with the females being 17-19 inches. The weight is 44-55 pounds. The body is slightly longer than they are tall. The tail is set high and usually is straight parallel to the ground or carried hanging downwards.

The coat is shorthaired and thick with a shine. This lies flat to the body and is somewhat harsh. The colors of this breed are all shades of black-masked fawn or brindle.

History: The Bavarian Mountain Hound comes from Germany in the state of Bavaria this is in the south of the country.

This breed was created in the 1870’s by Baron Karg-Bebenburg, crossing the Hanoverian Bloodhound and the smaller Tyrolean Scent hound. He did this to get a dog that could be surefooted and have the great scent abilities.

He wanted a medium size dog that could follow a hot or cold scent. This dog was able to follow the smallest of scent and work well even in the mountains.

Even today this dog is popular with the professional game warden, hunters and trackers in Europe.

This is still mostly a working dog, and it is not common in the show rings or as a pet dog. These dogs are usually only sold as working dogs.

Temperament: This is a working dog, and it is not suited for life in the city. This dog needs to have open space.

They are very attached to their families but do need an experienced owner that has patience and can train this dog well.

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is calm if given the right amount of exercise, when out hunting they are very set in their mind on the hunt and are fast and agile.

This dog has a lot of energy and will want to be working. The Bavarian Mountain Hound is good with children that know how to be properly behaved towards dogs, and it is best to have them raised together.

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is reserved with strangers but good socializing of this dog should mean they are not shy or aggressive.

Here is an independent dog that is free-spirited. They do need a garden where they can run free in safety.

Fencing is a must and good fencing that is checked regularly is needed. The Bavarian Mountain Hound needs training from an early age and with the right approach of firm but calm training.

This dog does well in basic obedience using positive rewards. Harsh methods will result in a dog that is just scared and shuts down.

This dog needs to be on the lead when out, as they are oblivious to all when on the hunt and have a scent.

Health issues: The Bavarian Mountain Hound has good health and there is only some hip dysplasia known.

Grooming: The Bavarian Mountain Hound doe not need lots of grooming, but you will need to brush the coat a few times in the week. A hound glove will also help keep the coat shinning.

Living conditions: The Bavarian Mountain Hound is not suited to city living and does require open space. This dog is unsuitable for apartment living and will require a medium sized well fenced garden.

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