Belgian Keekenois

Description: The Belgian Leekenois is a sturdy dog that appears squarely shaped when viewed for the side. The skull seems to blend into the muzzle and this gives a parallel look to the top line.

The nose is black and the teeth meet in a scissor bite. The lips are tight. The eyes are almond in shape and size. These are dark in color and have rims that are dark and contrast the lighter coat color.

The ears are erect and are triangular in shape; these are set high on the head. The chest is deep. The front legs are straight and the feet are round and cat like. The tail has dense hair that is bushy.

The coat of the Belgian Leekenois is of medium length, which is wiry and hard this is over 2 inches in length. On the face the same hair is fringed giving an overall shaggy dog look.

The dog is 24-26 inches with the bitch being slightly shorter at 22-24 inches. The weight of the dog and the bitch is 55-65 pounds. Coat colors are mahogany to fawn with a black overlay. Life expectancy is 12-14 years.

History: The Belgian Leekenois is one of four sheepdogs that come from Belgium and this is the rarest. In most countries these four are considered the same breed and share the breed standard.

The AKC recognized them as separate breeds since 1959, but does not recognize this rare breed at all, the UKC, differing from America, does. This dog is still seen as a working dog and like the others from this group can be used as a police dog, bomb detection, protection dog, tracking, herding and more recently agility and obedience.

They have always been intelligent and very high energy dogs and this dog will always need to be challenged and do some form of work. This dog is popular in its native country, Belgium.

Temperament: Here is a dog that needs to work, it can do well at agility and obedience but this dog needs to be challenged and physically and mentally exercised daily. This cannot be stressed enough. This is not a dog for the first time owner.

Here is a breed that wants to be busy and without the right owner can become destructive and aggressive. The Belgian Leekenois is bright and determined with a strong protective and territorial nature.

They will need a good pack leader that has natural authority that can be firm and be the Alpha. Socialize this dog really well from a young age to prevent shyness and also to encourage the acceptance of other dogs.

Consistent rule are a must for this breed. They make good guard dogs. They can make good pets with the right owner who is willing to keep challenging this breeds mind and can offer the high levels of leadership that is a must for the Belgian Leekenois.

Care needs to be taken when introducing this dog to small non-canine pets. The Belgian Leekenois can be very domineering to other dogs.

Health issues: The Belgian Leekenois has good health overall, but they may get skin allergies and eye problems.

Grooming: It is best with the Belgian Leekenois to have them cut/ trimmed professionally twice a year, as if you do this you may damage the coat for a few years. Comb through the coat weekly to remove dead hair.

Living conditions: This dog is ok for apartment life but only if given a lot of exercise, both mentally and physically.

The above information is strictly for information purposes only. Please do your own research to see if the dog breed, breeder or rescue organization is reputable and the right fit for you and your family.

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