Bernefie Dog

The Bernefie is a breed developed through breeding Bernese Mountain Dog and Newfoundland.

Both are massive dogs that have coats that let them be used in colder climates and also some warmer ones.

Both of the breeds were bred to work in herding, draft, and farm settings. Both breeds are loving, gentle, and loyal.

Both breeds require a daily brushing of their thick, long coats to prevent shedding and prevent matting.

It is believed that the Bernese Mountain Dog was developed in the agricultural areas of Switzerland.

The Newfoundland dog breed was created on the island from which it got its name which is the main island in Newfoundland.


Bernefie Breed Background

The Bernefie hybrid is the result of crossbreeding between two huge purebreds: those of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Newfoundland.

Both of these breeds were created to serve similar objectives of herding, draft, and watchdogging, as well as friendship.

Both breeds have long, thick coats that help them stay warm in cooler temperatures.

In this case, the Newfoundland parent coat, is double-coated, flat, and oily, which makes it waterproof for hunter and waterfowl retrieval duties.

Both breeds have an extremely similar temperament. They are described as affectionate, gentle as well as intelligent, and loyal. They are both loyal and affectionate.

Bernese Mountain Dog was developed in the farms of Switzerland and Newfoundland was born on the cold island of Newfoundland which is where it takes its name.

This Bernese Mountain Dog is thought to have originated from the past, from the cross-breeding of mastiff-type dogs as well as native flock-guarding dogs of The valley of the Swiss Alps.

The belief is that Newfoundland was developed prior to the 1600s, and it is believed that there was a connection between the Portuguese Water Dog and the Great Pyrenees were a part in its creation.

The Bernese Mountain Dog and the Newfoundland are recognized by the American Kennel Club.


Bernefie Dog
Bernefie Dog


Bernefie Breed Appearance

Bernefie is a sturdy solid body that is proportioned. They can range in weight between 70-100 pounds when mature.

They have a rounded head, with a typical length muzzle, and a dark nose that has nostrils that are open.

The dark eyes of these animals are round and display an expression that demonstrates sensitivity, intelligence, and friendly.

The silky ears fold up and hang over the head. They need regular check-ups and cleanings to keep them healthy.

The coat is extremely dense and may be short or medium-length and is solid black solid brown, solid black and brown, and white or black and white tricolor and very soft.



Bernefie Temperament

Bernefie temperament stems from two of its purebred parents and both have extremely similar temperaments.

Bernefie dogs are highly smart, which makes them simple to train with a high level of human-to-dog communication.

It is a result of early socialization that helps the dog learn what is expected from him.

They are gentle, affectionate, and loyal, but also generally happy and brave.

They will guard when the need is there, but they will do this by putting themselves between the vulnerable loved ones and possible danger instead of attacking.

They have moderate levels of energy and need to take their walks every day to stay away from being overweight.

They’re great with children and other animals.

They can be cautious of strangers, so it is essential to get them socialized as early as you can early in their lives.

They are a lot of affection to show their family members and will form a strong bond with them.




Bernefie Puppies
Bernefie Puppies




St Bernewfie
St Bernewfie