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Dogs can sometimes have an appetite for the strangest things other than their dog food. Although it is true that there are pets that are fussy eaters, there have been reports from owners who have found their dogs accidentally ingesting coins, rocks, engagement rings, and toys.

The only time an owner will notice that their pets are not feeling well is when they refuse to eat and show symptoms like lethargy, abdominal pain, vomiting, and blood in the stool.

These situations could end up with dire consequences so it is no surprise that pet owners rush their dogs to their veterinarian to have them checked. It’s at times like this that you need to have the best pet insurance for dogs.

The importance of the best pet insurance for dogs. Dogs that have swallowed objects undergo a series of diagnostic tests including x-rays. This is to verify the exact location of the foreign object in the digestive tract and assess the damage it has caused.

In cases when the object is sharp or too large for the dog to pass through the stool, surgery is required. Undergoing surgical operation will keep your pet out of harms way but it also means huge hospital bills.

For this reason, having a pet insurance is useful to protect yourself from expenses that may be incurred from availing the service of vets.

Save thousands by choosing the best pet insurance for dogs. In U.S. alone, it has been estimated in 2009 that pet owners have spent $12.2 billion for veterinary care.

Just like insurance for humans, pet insurance can include different policy coverage.
The monthly rate that you have to pay for pet insurance can vary depending on this coverage.

Generally though, these insurances cover as much as 80% of veterinary services including emergency, routine check-up, and diagnostic.

Before you purchase one for your pet, a comparison of the best pet insurance for dogs would help you maximize the benefits it can offer.

Below are some recommended best pet insurance for dogs that will give value to every money you spend:

Embrace- many owners have rated this as one of the best pet insurance for dogs because claims on pre-existing condition that is often omitted in some insurance agencies are considered in Embrace.

Owners have to pay only $26.95 per month and enjoy zero annual deductible.

The turnaround time for claims processing is as fast as two weeks, making it one of the most best pet insurance for dogs.

Another reason why Embrace is ranked among the best pet insurance for dogs is its customizable plans like dental coverage and drug prescription so that owners can select the plans that will fit the needs of their pets.

Pet Assure- the discount approach of Pet Assure is one reason for its ranking among customers as one of the best pet insurance for dogs.

The monthly rate for Pet Assure is $50.90, entitling pet owners upon enrollment zero and thirty days waiting period in case of dog accidents and illnesses respectively.

It is regarded as one of the best pet insurance for dogs since privileges like insurance premiums with no restrictions can be enjoyed with Pet Assure.

Aside from that Pet Assure is regarded by customers as the best pet insurance for dogs because it offers pet products and service discounts, cutting significantly the expenses of owning a dog.

QuickCare- Owners have to only pay $32.95 per month for their QuickCare pet insurance. Rated as one of the best pet insurance for dogs, QuickCare is suitable for people looking for inexpensive accident only plans for their active pets like German Shepherd, Grey Hound, or Border Collie.

As one of the best pet insurance for dogs, it also offers a zero waiting period for accident claims plus a 100% co-pay percentage.

Best Deals On Pet Insurance Online?
Compare the insurance plans and features from the top list of the best rabbit insurance plans and quotes:

Pets Best – $200 deductible which covers accidents to 80% but minus the illness coverage.

Pet Plan – $200 deductible, 80% claims reimbursement (100% reimburse available for additional premium). It covers all accidents, injuries, and illnesses including hereditary conditions of the pet.

Hartville – $100 deductible which covers accidents and illnesses to 80%, including spaying and neutering, essential preventive care, rabies vaccination, free lost pet recovery tag, annual physical exam and dental cleaning, as well as continual coverage for some chronic and long-term conditions that may have arisen in the previous policy year.

PetHealth – $50 deductible with up to $2000 for selected accidents though no illness coverage.

Pet Assure is a membership plan where participating veterinarians and animal hospitals offer 25% discount to members, which is as good and cost-efficient as the best dog insurance available.

VPI – $50 deductible and pays 90% of approved claim per standard benefit schedule.
Embrace – $500 annual deductible, 20% coinsurance, $5,000 annual maximum, and no per incidence limits.

It also covers accidents and illnesses, and genetic and chronic conditions except the home prescription drugs, dental illness, or wellness programs.

Trupanion – All policies pay 90% of your actual veterinary bill for any accident or illness, including hereditary and congenital conditions. Deductibles and premiums are adjustable to meet the pet owners needs and affordability.

Healthy Paws – Pays up to 90% of veterinary bill for any accident or illness, including hereditary and congenital conditions, and it is also customizable.

Pet Partners (AKC) – $125 deductible per incident and 10% co-paid.

PetFirst – $50 deductible for accidents and illnesses, while it covers accidents and illnesses to $7,500, advertising and reward to $250, and Kennel fees to $250.

Purina Care – $250 annual deductible and you just have to pays 80% of eligible expenses after deductible and co-pay. It covers all accidents, illnesses and does not exclude hereditary conditions or behavior modification.

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