Who Provides The Best Pet Insurance?

When shopping pet health insurance, the job can be as confusing as shopping for your own health insurance, with many of the same questions and concerns.

To make the task even more challenging, there are companies which offer a wide range of policies from a few dollars a month to $70 and more per month, or companies that specialize in a premium type policy.

Here is a review of some major pet health insurance carriers, the basic features of their policies, and some customer ratings on these companies. Be sure to do your research.

You owe it to your pet to find out all you can about the different pet insurance companies until you can be sure that you are providing the best pet insurance for your new puppy or dog that money can buy.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)

VPI has a wide range of policies, from the accidental injury policies for a few dollars a month, to a premium policy with routine care coverage, illness, and some cancer care available. VPI does not offer the ‘extreme’ end of the coverage.

Customer ratings are mixed for this company. Some complain that they are very unclear about coverage and deny a lot of claims, while others say that it’s the best service ever. Some recent organizational changes in the company may explain the discrepancy.

Pet First

Pet First has some higher end coverage. It can include kenneling costs, trip cancellation due to surgery, cremation and burial, and other unusual coverage.

They also have a routine care rider for vaccinations and check-ups, along with illness and accidental injury coverage. Pet First does not have a ‘per diagnosis’ limit and the premiums are not influenced by the age or breed of your pet.

Customer reviews are extremely positive that policies are clear and claims are handled in an efficient and straightforward manner.

Hartville (Petshealth)

The insurance carrier gets top ratings from it clients for the extensive coverage and payment of routine and special care. Depending on your choice of policies, you can even have dental check-ups covered.

This company recently partnered with the ASPCA to offer insurance in 47 states (excludes Florida, Virginia and Arkansas) they also operate under the names Petshealth Care Plan and Healthy Bark & Purr.

Most of the lower cost and coverage policies are listed under the Hartsville name, with the Petshealth having the more premium coverage.

Pet Partners (AKC)

This is an insurance plan through the American Kennel Club, and according to the clients that have tried it, you pay for the name, but don’t get the service.

Their reviews after leaving this insurance carrier and trying another, state that this was very over-priced for the coverage.

Pet Partners offers a full line of policies from the simple accidental injury up to the more pricey routine coverage.

However, from what’s available regarding customer reviews, this might not be the place to start with for pet insurance.

Be sure to continue reading and check out the many links and videos I’ve posted below to help you decide which is the absolute Best Pet Insurance For Dogs on the Internet today.

It’s very important to do your research before making sure an important decision for your new puppy or rescued dog.

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