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Best Ways to Train Your New Puppy or Dog

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Best Ways to Train Your New Puppy or Dog

Puppy training: You have your new puppy. The excitement of choosing is over; your dog has now come home. Hopefully, you have thought about what type of dog you will have as they grow up.

Get to know some of your dog breeds trends. Are they the type of dog that needs lots of walking, do they need a lot of grooming?

Whatever the breed all puppies are nicer if trained. This training of your puppy starts the day you welcome it to your home. The first nights the puppy has in your home are probably the hardest for you both.

You have to think about the sleeping arrangements, are you going to allow your puppy into the bedrooms. If you do choose this then a crate in your bedroom may be the best thing for the first few days.

If you decide that the puppy will sleep downstairs or in the kitchen a crate can be a handy tool. On the first night and thereafter do not give your puppy attention for whining.

Sometimes you can put in a wrapped hot water bottle for comfort and some people place in a ticking clock if the crate is in the kitchen away from the family.

This is said to sound like the mother’s heart and so offers comfort to the new puppy. To set the seed for a healthy relaxed adult dog is very important.

Allowing the time for the dog to settle in and have quiet time away from you is a great thing that allows your dog to grow up well adjusted. By doing this you have started your puppy training.

Your puppy will be getting a lot of attention and this can lead to over-excitement, when you see that your puppy is getting overexcited, stop the play or children cuddling and allow the puppy to calm down.

Getting the dog to understand his name is the first thing, do this by calling the puppy and when the puppy looks at you or responds give verbally and physically praise the puppy.

Very soon the puppy picks up the wanted behavior, in this case responding to their name.

Introduce your puppy to as many situations as you can. This includes other pets, cats are important here as well. Again introductions’ need to be well supervised, for a happy outcome.

While out walking your dog gets the puppy used to seeing things they may not have seen before but do this slowly. This includes busy roads, shops, shoppers, children, other dogs on leads.

The list is endless but you need to know that when your dog has reached its full size it has had a good start with things that are strange to them.

That way you will both feel easier in the knowledge that you have seen and understood things in the past.

Puppies are naturally inquisitive and you will have a great opportunity to build on this.

Teaching your puppy the right behavior from the start will greatly add to your enjoyment of your puppy and benefit you both repeatedly over time.


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