Description: This is a small dog that is about 9 to 12 inches in height, with the bitches being slightly smaller.

Their weight is between 7 to 12 pounds. This sturdy but little dog looks like a ball of fluff.

When cut to the breeds show standard it looks round, this can be in a puppy cut, which is the same length over the whole body.

It can also have a poodle cut, or puffy coat with the muzzle and feet clipped short. The skull is slightly round to look at.

The muzzle is shorter than the skull and not pointed. Their eyes can be brown or black. Their ears are dropped close to the head and are covered in their long hair.

In this breed, the teeth should meet in a scissor bite. Their legs are straight and in good proportion to the body.

Their tail is carried over their back. They have a wonderful double coat that is soft and curly.

Their outer coat is three to four inches and is coarser than the soft substantial undercoat.

Colours are cream, grey apricot and the solid white, which is the favoured in the show ring.

History: This little dog’s history goes back to the 13th century. They have travelled lots and due to their sunny disposition were used as barter by many sailors. They became popular in Spain.

They became known as the sailor’s dog also enjoying water and retrieving, but it is not a true retriever or water dog.

Here we see a dog whose role is one of companion. Their popularity went up dramatically in the court of Henry III.

This breed became the favourite of the French courts in the 16th century. In the 19th century, we see the dog has gone from the courts to working for a living, by being a circus dog and popular with organ grinder’s to attract a crowd.

This little dog was brought to America in1955. Nowadays this dog is a companion dog.

It is descended from the Barbet Water Spaniel and the poodle, where it gets its lovely coat.

Temperament: This, as in its history, is a good companion, loving to be with its human family.

This dog is intelligent, bold and lively showing great affection. It is not a yappy dog, and is easy to train and with their charm want the owner to be happy.

Here we have a dog that is naturally sociable, being fine with all family members. They are fine with other pets and good within the canine world. As you can imagine here we have a dog that is great with children.

On saying all this, these dogs can make a good watchdog. Here we have a naturally obedient and competitive.

Potty training this dog can be a challenge, but this breed gets there in the end. Needing firm rules, giving the dog the knowledge it needs to please you.

Good leadership is needed by all dogs, but here we see a dog that will love to follow a good leader, and you will get the best from this breed.

Without this the dog can bark obsessively, have separation anxiety, and become a snappy dog, far from the dog we have first talked about.

All this doesn’t need to happen, with good leadership from you. Needing daily walks with its family this dog will be happy and balanced.

Health issues: This breed can have epilepsy, cataracts, skin problems and this also includes sensitivity to flea bites, dislocated kneecaps, ear problems and watery eyes.

Grooming: With bathing, needed monthly, and grooming, a few times a week, you will still have to take this dog to a saloon, for professional grooming monthly.

Living conditions: This is a happy breed and will just want to be with its human family, and so this dog can live in an apartment easily providing they have daily walks, play will help get that energy out but all dogs love to have a walk.

This dog is fine without a garden, but you have to walk this dog.

If you can’t find a local breeder in your area don’t worry, many breeders are using the major airlines like American, Delta, Continental and Northwest airlines for shipping their puppies.

At this time the airlines will ship puppies to the following States: Alabama AL – Alaska AK – Arizona AZ – Arkansas AR – California CA – Colorado CO – Connecticut CT – Delaware DE – Florida FL – Georgia GA – Hawaii HI – Idaho ID – Illinois IL – Indiana IN – Iowa IA – Kansas KS – Kentucky KY – Louisiana LA – Maine ME – Maryland MD – Massachusetts MA – Michigan MI – Minnesota MN – Mississippi MS – Missouri MO – Montana MT – Nebraska NE – Nevada NV – New Hampshire NH – New Jersey NJ – New Mexico NM – New York NY – North Carolina NC – North Dakota ND – Ohio OH – Oklahoma OK – Oregon OR – Pennsylvania PA – Rhode Island RI – South Carolina SC – South Dakota SD – Tennessee TN – Texas TX – Utah UT – Vermont VT – Virginia VA – Washington WA – Washington, D.C. – West Virginia WV – Wisconsin WI – Wyoming WY – Hawaii HI.

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