Black Labrador Names

Trying to Figure out what to name your new black Labrador?

When it comes to owning a black Labrador Retriever it’s important to pick out a good name that fits.

In this article I’ve included names that I think would be good for those of you out there that own a black Labrador or for the person that just picked out their new Lab puppy either online or at the local pet store or breeder.

These black Labrador names are in no particular order but hopefully you’ll find the perfect name for your new black Lab puppy or dog.

Black Jack
Black Bird
Black Max
Black Ty
Black Pearl
Black as Night
Black Rain
Black Torpedo
Black Rocket
Black Bandit
Black Bear
Billy Black

Here are a few tips when picking out the name for your black Labrador Retriever.

Since you will be calling your dog’s name in public make sure it’s something you don’t mind yelling out loud.

If you have children make sure you let them help you pick out your name. It will help them bond with your new Lab.

After you’ve chosen your name be sure to try it out for a day or two to see if it fits your new Labrador puppy or dog.

If you don’t like the sound of it or he/she doesn’t seem to respond well then try a different name. It will take about a week to get your new Lab used to it’s name.

In closing I would like to mention that research is the best way to pick out the perfect black Labrador name.

Search the Internet and find a name that stands out to you. I suggest writing down at least 10 name choices and having you and your family vote.

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