Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies

The blue-nose Pitbull is a very loving and affectionate dog. They are often considered to be the happiest dogs in the world. They are extremely playful and love to cuddle, making them an excellent choice for active families.

However, beware: Blue Nose Pitbull puppies are known to be overly affectionate and may not be suitable for families with young children. If you want to adopt a blue nose Pitbull puppy, consider getting one from a reputable breeder.

Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies

Blue Nose Pitbull puppies love to play.

They can run around the yard for hours, often tripping over themselves. While you should keep an eye on them to ensure they are active, they need to be given some time alone, so schedule some time each day for explosive play. It is important to remember that Blue Nose Pitbull puppies have a shorter life expectancy than other Pitbulls. Most live eight to twelve years.


A Blue Nose Pitbull needs consistent exercise and playtime.

They make fantastic companions, but you should remember to keep them as the only dog in the house. It is important to ensure they are well socialized to prevent dog-on-dog aggression. Since they are prone to certain health conditions, you might consider purchasing pet health insurance. This will protect you from the high costs of vet bills. The temperament of these dogs makes them an excellent choice for families with young children. Though they aren’t watchdogs, they are loyal and affectionate.

Blue Nose Pit Bull Puppies


Blue Nose Pitbulls require intensive daily exercise.

For this, you can jog regularly. You should also take your dog for regular walks. Having a fenced area for them to play is highly recommended. A Blue Nose Pitbull is a very affectionate dog. They will want to be with you 24/7. They will be devoted to you and will be extremely attached to you. A Blue Nose Pitbull puppy is also a great choice if you want a dog that loves to play.

These pups are excellent with children and are very patient with most people. Even the most unruly child will be tolerant of the Blue Nose Pitbull. While Blue Nose Pitbull puppies are relatively healthy dogs, they are prone to skin diseases. Common symptoms include excessive itching, scabs, and lesions on the face.

Some people even notice that their Pitbulls are allergic to blue eyes. A blue nose is a great sign that the breeder is concerned about the health of their puppies. A dog with a blue nose is more desirable than a brown or black-nosed counterpart.


History of the Blue Nose Pitbull.

The pitbull came in the 19th century in the United Kingdom when a bulldog and terrier were crossed. This was done as a means to increase the athleticism of the dog and also to give it a more muscular appearance. The blue-nose pitbull is a standard pit bull breed, except for a slight color change on their noses.

What is a Blue Nose Pitbull?

There are three varieties of pit bulls: American Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and American Staffordshire Terrier. Bluenose Pitbulls aren’t a specific breed. They can be any pit bull. It all is dependent on the genetics present in a particular dog. But, the blue nose is more prominent in the case of an American bluenose pitbull. While pit bulls that don’t have blue noses can produce blue pitbull puppies, it’s more likely when two blue-nose pit bulls are crossed.

Why Do They Have a Blue Nose?

A pit bull with blue eyes has an emerald-colored nose because of an inherited condition caused by pigmentation in its skin. Due to pigmentation, the nose turns an ethereal bluish-gray shade. However, a blue-nosed pit bull can suffer from different health issues due to this genetic mutation, resulting in their genetics malfunctioning. This can lead to a premature reduction in hair and a weak immune system.

What Color Coat Does a Blue Nose Pitbull Have?

A pit bull with a blue nose typically has a silver coat contrasting its blue-colored nose. As a result, their short hair can appear very shiny.

How Big Does a Blue Nose Pitbull Get?

Pitbulls of males generally grow to about 21 inches tall, while female Pitbulls can be around 19-20 inches high. The dog’s breed is the determining factor. The dog could weigh anywhere between 30-90 pounds.

Are our Blue Nose Pit Bulls Dangerous?

Pit bulls are often given been accused of being dangerous animals. However, this isn’t necessarily the situation. Pit bulls are incredibly affectionate and loving canines. Although they are active, they are not deliberately aggressive or hurtful. Pitbulls that are not well-socialized and treated could be dangerous. It is due to their sexist and cruel treatment, and the dog is slightly awkward with other animals and people.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls a Unique Breed?

It is not valid. Blue Nose Pit bulls are not a distinct breed from Pitbull Terriers. American Pitbull Terrier. Do not let anyone convince you of the opposite. The only distinction between Pitbulls from other Pitbull Terriers in America is the color of the nose. Pitbulls that are not blue-nosed can produce puppies that have blue-colored noses. It’s just the genetics of a blue-colored nose. This brings us to our next topic.

Also, not all Pitbulls can be classified as American Pit Bull Terriers. Indeed, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier are often the Pitbulls that people imagine upon hearing the term.  Also, occasionally, you may find that the American Bulldog can be mistaken for a pit bull. There are a lot of bully breeds, and many breeds can be spotted with the famed blue nose.


Top 3 Blue Nose Pitbull Breeders (2023)

Real Pits No Bull Kennels
1056 Alamance Church Rd, Greensboro, NC 27406
(336) 549-4765
Real Pits No Bull

Clase Pitbull Bullies
Coram, NY
(929) 367-0476
Clase Pitbull Puppies

Leps Showdown Kennelz
933 Conley Pond Rd, Farnham, VA 22460
(804) 456-7000
Leps Showdown Kennelz



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