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Boston Terrier Breeders in Minnesota, MN

Bartholomew, Barbara (Dahkohtah Bostons) – Boston Terrier Puppies

Minneapolis MN




Beskau, Karen (Rio Gran) – Boston Terrier Puppies

Hastings, MN





Matheson, Shawna – Boston Terrier Puppies

Maple Grove, MN




Patti – Boston Terrier Puppies
Location: Alexandria, MN
Telephone: 320-491-1621


Boston Terrier Clubs

Boston Terrier Club of America, Inc.


Minnesota Boston Terrier Club



Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information, Facts, and Tips

Boston Terrier Personality

Bostons are playful, good-natured dogs. The Boston is a great companion for people looking for a happy dog.

The Bostons get along well with cats and other pets, mainly if they are raised together.

Bostons have a more muscular build and are more comfortable with children than other small dogs.

Boston Terriers loves to play with children if they are treated well.

Bostons love to bury a bone under their pillows or in the flowerbed. But fetch is their favorite game.

The Boston terrier is a playful and fun breed.  It’s a great companion for anyone who wants to be happy and active.


Boston Terrier Coat

Short length

Flat Characteristics

Colors: Seal with white, rindle with white, and black with white


Boston Terrier Weight range

Males: 15-25 lbs

Females: 10-20 lbs


Boston Terrier Height at Withers

Male: 17 in.

Females: 16 in.


Features of the Boston Terrier

Brachycephalic (squashed faces), naturally upright ears


Expectations of Owning a Boston

Exercise Requirements: <20-40 minutes/day

Average Energy Level

The longevity range is between 10-14 years.

Tendency To Drool: High Tendency To Snore: low

Tendency to Bark Moderate

Tendency to Dig. Moderate Social/Attention Needs.

Bred for: Ratting, companion


Club Recognition for the Boston Terrier

A.K.C..C. Classification: Not-sportiU.K.C.U.K.C. Classification: Companion Dog

Prevalence: Common

Boston terriers can be classified into three weight categories: below 15 pounds (7 kg), 15 to under twenty pounds (seven to nine kgs), and between 20 to 25 lb (nine to eleven kilograms).

Females stand about 16 inches taller than males. Bostons are handsome, compact dogs that are well-balanced and proportioned.

Their chests are large. Their heads are square, flattened on the top.  The muzzle is narrow, honest, and wide.

The Boston’s attractive eyes are large, dark, and round. Although the ears are small and straight, they look more like “bat” ears.

However, some Bostons have floppy ears, which can be lowered to make them stand. The tail is either short and straight or curled.

Bostons have a smooth, short coat. They can be brindle with white marks, black with white spots, or “seal,” with a red cast and white markings.


Living with a Boston Terrier

Bostons require some exercise. However, a few walks or a couple of games daily are more beneficial than vigorous, long sessions.

Bostons are intelligent and well-trained but can be stubborn. They may obey commands like “stay” or “sit” but may not know how to do it.

They are also very mobile, so they should not be allowed outside without being in a secure area or on a leash.

Bostons can be a bit aggressive and will bark at anyone who knocks on their door.

They are friendly and will openly welcome any guest into their home, friend or foe.

Due to its tiny face, the Boston mustn’t get too hot. But, on the other hand, Bostons can also become extremely cold quickly, so they should be kept warm.

They are house dogs and not outdoor dogs. Some Bostons may snort, while others may snore. However, these are often endearing and not irritating.

Some Bostons can also be picky eaters. This is because some people are sensitive to gas and have a delicate digestion system.

It is not difficult to feed them once you know what they like and what works for them. Bostons are bred in small litters with three to four puppies.

Delivery can be challenging and Cesarean sections may be necessary. Bostons live between 10 and 13 years.

A bath is sufficient to maintain the coat’s appearance and control shedding. Still, it is not necessary to brush or rub with a grooming mitt.


Boston Terrier History

Cross-breeding bulldogs created Boston Terriers with white English terriers in the late 1800s.

They are considered the nation’s national dog because they are one of few genuinely American breeds.

Other names have been given to Bostons. They are still called Boston bulls by some people. They were once also called American bull terriers.

However, owners of bulldogs or bull terriers disagreed with their name, and Boston became the Boston-terrier in 1891.

In 1893, the American Kennel Club accepted the breed.

Dogs have been known for their affectionate and friendly nature and are often called the “American gentleman” breed of dogs.

Bostons were a popular breed before 1960, but their popularity seems to be declining.

Recent television commercials show Bostons in commercials. This could indicate a renewed interest in this breed.



Check Out These Rescue Organizations for Possible Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale or Adoption in Minnesota, MN

Angel of Hope Animal RP.O.e
P.O. Box 581
Anoka, Minnesota, MN 55303


Happy Tails RP.O.e
P.O. Box 2485
Maple Grove, Minnesota, MN 55311
(612) 588-0188


Arrow’s Heart Animal RP.O.e
P.O. Box 7
Zimmerman, Minnesota, MN 55398


Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale in Minnesota, MN
Photo by szelyna on Pixabay


Homeward Bound RP.O.cue
P.O. Box 1056
Monticello, Minnesota, MN 55362


Second Chances Open ArmsP.O.cue
P.O. Box 113
Kellogg, Minnesota, MN 55945


Ruff StartP.O.cue
P.O. Box 129
Princeton, Minnesota, MN 55371


Camp Companion
P. O. Box 7478
Rochester, Minnesota, MN 55903
(507) 951-7801


K9 Rescue and
P.O. Box 894
Cokato, Minnesota, MN 55321
(320) 282-4439


Ogilvie, Minnesota, MN 56358


Mending Spirits AnimalP.O.escue
P.O. Box 5402
Mankato, Minnesota, MN 56001


Lucky’s Place
1550 95th Ave NE
Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, MN 56379


Scooby’s Animal Mission Inc.
Aitkin, Minnesota, MN 56431
(218) 670-0319


Friends Of Animals Humane Society
1001 Avenue B
Cloquet, Minnesota, MN 55720
(218) 879-1655


Warm Fuzzies Animal Rescue Inc
Duluth, Minnesota, MN 55807
(218) 576-8534


PAWS (Precious Animals Worth Saving)
Jackson, Minnesota, MN 56143
(507) 841-1834


Ellie’s Legacy Pet Rescue
Alexandria, Minnesota, MN 56308


Tracy Area Animal Rescue
Tracy, Minnesota, MN 56175


Great River Rescue
1612 CarS.E.Lake Rd S.E.
Bemidji, Minnesota, MN 56601
(218) 751-7910


PO Box 865
Moorhead, Minnesota, MN 56561
(701) 232-5681



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Keep Checking Back For New Minnesota, MN Breeders and Rescue Listings.

Some of the Minnesota, MN Cities that we plan to include Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale and Boston Terrier Rescue Organizations are listed below.

Minneapolis, MN
St. Paul, MN
Rochester, MN
Duluth, MN
Bloomington, MN
Brooklyn Park, MN
Plymouth, MN
St. Cloud, MN
Eagan, MN
Woodbury, MN
Maple Grove, MN
Coon Rapids, MN
Eden Prairie, MN
Burnsville, MN
Blaine, MN
Lakeville, MN
Minnetonka, MN
Apple Valley, MN
Edina, MN
St. Louis Park, MN
Mankato, MN
Maplewood, MN
Moorhead, MN
Shakopee, MN
Richfield, MN
Cottage Grove, MN
Inver Grove Heights, MN
Roseville, MN
Andover, MN
Brooklyn Center, MN
Winona, MN
Oakdale, MN
Fridley, MN
Savage, MN
Owatonna, MN
Shoreview, MN
Austin, MN
White Bear Lake, MN
Chaska, MN
Ramsey, MN
Faribault, MN
Chanhassen, MN
Champlin, MN
Elk River, MN



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