Boy Puppy Names

So you have decided to get a best friend. You have never been ready to own a dog.

You have done all the preparations for his arrival and acquired all the things needed in taking care of him. You prepared his dog house, and you read almost everything about taking care of dogs online. All is set for the dog’s arrival and now you have to find the right puppy or dog. You can visit your local pet shop, a dog breeder or an animal shelter. Once you have the dog that you want, off course you will then have to name it.

There are so many boy puppy names to choose from. Some dogs are named after famous celebrities like Clooney, Bogart, Chaplin, Jack Black, Stallone, Willis and many more. You can also name it after puppy’s of prominent people, Jake Galenhaal’s pet Atticus, Richard Nixon’s Spaniel Baci, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Labrador Holden, and Renee Zellweger’s Retriever Woof. You can also name your puppy after famous dogs seen on TV like Lassie, Goofy, Balto, Bolt, Snoopy, Spuds McKenzie, Eddie, and Buddy.

Some pet owners like to name their dogs after their attributes. You can name your dog depending on his colors like Blacky, Whitey, Browny, Gray, and Spot. Some characteristics can also be used as names such as Sassy, Fluffy, Speedy, Handsome, Fuzzy and Cuddly. Sometimes dog names come about from your dogs’ activities like Sleepy and Lazy.

In naming your dog you should select a name that will not make you feel embarrassed when you shout it in crowded areas. Stinky and Farty sound cute at first but may sound weird and uncomfortable to call out loud. Also for male dogs, it is nice to give them cute names but not too cute that it might already sound as if it’s a female dog, like Sugar or Twinkle.

In naming your dog you should also consider its length. Do not make it too short because dogs have difficulty hearing short or one-syllable names. It’s advisable to make it longer so that they could easily hear it when you are calling. Also, make it easy to say. Do not choose something that can be confused with other words or commands such as No, Sit, Fetch and Stay, etc.

You can also consider the dogs breed in naming him. You can search for a French name for a French Poodle or an Australian name for an Australian Cattle dog. The name should also match the dog’s personality, behavior, and characteristics. Choose a male name for a male dog and a feminine name for a female pet. There are also some neutral names that can be used.

Giving your pet a good name is important that is why you need to think it out carefully before settling for a particular name. You can use references such as books with names and meanings or you can just search online for male dog names. To make your search easier you can also hunt for tips and advice on how to choose the right name for your dog.

You can also try making your own top ten list of male dog names and read it out loud to your pet then see which one has a promising response. This method may not be effective for everyone. The dog can respond to almost all the names. Just observe and see what type of response he makes.

Celebrities, adjectives, famous dogs in history, historical figures, cartoon characters, these are just some few categories where you can choose your dog names from. Searching for the right name may take some time but its much better to do some research and to spend time thinking of the right name than regretting it in the end.

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