Are you sufficiently old to recollect Toto, the brave very little hunting dog within the Wizard of Oz? Toto was a terrier. appropriate his breed, Toto was everything a hunting dog was designed to be – durable, plucky, hardy, spirited. “He stands informed his toes”, is associated with recent voice communication concerning terriers generally.

The terrier likes to play and desires his daily walks. however he’s filmable to any direction that he is often a full participant and meddler and wherever his daring hunting dog traits area unit unbroken in restraint by an assured owner.

Adult Cairn Terriers is also friendly or reserved with strangers, however area unit continually alert and fast to announce guests.

This breed is often aggressive and autocratic with different pets, however can co-exist with them a lot of pronto than other terriers. However, strange animals is also a distinct story, because the terrier was bred to hunt and can chase something that moves.

He is inquisitive, thus a leash or enclosed yard is important in the least times.

Assertive however cheerful, with typical hunting dog stubbornness, however, he will respond well to consistent discipline and plenty of praise.

Cairn Terriers are often possessive of their food and toys. And being respectable terriers, they’re enthusiastic diggers and barkers.

With a weight of thirteen to twenty-one pounds, the Cairland hunting dog may be a tiny dog with short legs and a great deal of spunk. Social and sensitive, this hybrid will have a tendency to bark. he’s desperate to please although, and with coaching might learn to curb the noise.

The hunting dog in your hybrid can like to dig and explore; a home with an enclosed yard wherever he will play is that the best bet. On-leash walks area is essential as this dog can start off on the chase once given the possibility.

The Cairn and also the West Highland White Terriers (“Westie’) area unit thought-about along here owing to the common origin of those 2 breeds. These rough coated operating terriers afraid badger, otter, and fox that lived within the rocky highlands or cairns on the geographic area of the European nation.

Working inside the orbit of rocky lairs was terribly completely different from operating in the soft earth. therefore the Cairn and Westie had to not solely be particularly game and fearless, they additionally had to be engineered in order that they may physically wriggle although passages between slender rocky entrances, and retreat backward!

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