Although the breed had existed long before, the name ‘Cairn Terrier’ was a compromise suggestion when the breed was originally delivered to official shows within the UK in 1909 underneath the name hirsute Skye terriers.

This name wasn’t acceptable to The Kennel Club because of opposition from terrier breeders, and also the name ‘Cairn Terrier’ was urged as another. they’re sometimes left-pawed, which has been shown in dogs to correlate to superior performance in tasks associated with scent. Cairn terriers are ratters.

This is an operating hunting dog and is hardy, game, and active. Cairn Terriers are short-legged, and longer than tall, however not as low to the bottom because of the Sealyham terrier or Scottish Terriers. Their build permits them to suit into shut quarters in pursuit of their quarry.

Their head is shorter and wider than the other hunting dog, giving them smart jaw strength. The weather-resistant coat consists of a soft, shut undercoat and a lush, harsh outer coat. Furnishing round the face adds to its somewhat slick expression.

If you would like a dog UN agency…
Is small, nevertheless durable and hard — not a fragile Canis familiaris
Has a natural look
Needs solely moderate exercise
Makes a keen watchdog
Doesn’t shed an excessive amount of
Co-exists with alternative pets a lot of volitionally than other terriers
A terrier could also be right for you.

If you do not need to influence…
The dynamic hunting dog temperament (see full description below)
Potential aggression toward alternative animals — robust chasing instincts
Digging holes
Regular brushing and clipping
A considerable variety of potential health issues
A terrier might not be right for you.

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