Cairn Terrier and terrier combine The Cairoston could be a hybrid created from breeding the terrier with the terrier.

The Cairn parent breed originated within the uk within the 1500’s for the aim of looking vermin, otters, foxes and rodents whereas the Boston parent breed originated within the u. s. within the 1800’s for functions of blood sports like bull molestation and pit dog fighting (both of that area unit currently outlawed).

The Cairoston isn’t a purebred dog. it’s a cross between the terrier and therefore the terrier.

The best thanks to confirm the temperament of a mixed breed is to seem up all breeds within the cross and understand you’ll be able to get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed.

Not all of those designer hybrid dogs being bred area unit five hundredth purebred to five hundredth purebred. it’s quite common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses.

Both parent breeds have temperaments that embrace aggressiveness, intelligence and spirit with the Boston parent tributary affectionateness, friendliness, gentleness, liveliness and playfulness. They need smallest to moderate amounts of grooming and, tho’ the Cairn parent tends to be a lot of active, the activity levels area unit similar.

Both parent breeds area unit nice family pets, obtaining together with kids, alternative animals and being watchful and protecting of members of the family with a chariness of strangers.

Cairoston Breed Description

Cairostons area unit a small- to medium-sized breed. Height at the shoulders is often 13-16 inches, and weight is 10-25 pounds.

This breed is intelligent, gentle, alert, and loyal. Cairostons area unit family-friendly, however several have somewhat “passive” personalities; they like not being the middle of attention, and can typically keep to themselves.

They’re social with, however not too lovesome towards, youngsters and alternative pets, and area unit sometimes upstage towards strangers. These dogs area unit quick learners, and despite their little size, they’re going to be sensible watchdogs as a result of their attentiveness and curiosity.

Cairostons area unit low-maintenance animals. Their short, dense coats can solely would like occasional brushing and bathing, and that they would like very little coaching.

Exercise desires area unit moderate; associate degree hour of outside leisure time or an extended daily walk ought to be adequate.

Life expectancy for this breed is 12-15 years. The coat colours will embrace black, gray, red, white, and black and tan.

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