The Cajun Squirrel Dog is additionally referred to as the first Cajun Squirrel Dog or the Kemmer Stock Hybrid Squirrel Dog for parliamentarian Kemmer UN agency is assumed to possess supported the trendy version of the breed throughout the 70s.

They use sight, smell and hearing to bay each tiny and huge game and area unit natural treeing dogs.

Other names include:

Cajun Squirrel Dog
Cajun Cur
Old Cajun Squirrel Dog
Kemmer’s Tennessee Mountain Hybrid

Cajun Squirrel Dog Breed Description

These medium-sized squirrel dogs are 16-24 inches at the shoulder if females, 18-26 if male. they need no strict weight needs and standards say weight ought to be proportionate to height.

This breed will bay each giant and little game and area unit same to be natural treeing dogs (with no equal). they’re additionally true companion dogs that love youngsters which will be taken where you go; if they’re trained and socialised early they’re going to dedicate their lives to their homeowners.

They are terribly obedient and intelligent which implies they learn quickly with a superb memory. Cajun Squirrel Dogs will become capable watch dogs if trained to try to to therefore. Members of this breed ought to move with alternative pets if trained early as they’ll be simply tutored to depart tiny animals alone.

These rugged very {little} dogs have short coats that need little care. Brush them hebdomadally just about to get rid of dead hairs and bathe them as necessary. Check the ears and teeth for cleanup weekly and monitor the nails for trimming.

Train and socialize them as puppies, they’re disreputable for quickly catching on, particularly if you retain them with you as your companion. because of their history as searching dogs, they’re going to want lots of outside exercise daily and would do best with an outsized property to roam; when coaching they’re same to be accountable off leash.

Robert Kemmer of Crossville, Tennessee began breeding these squirrel dogs throughout the Seventies and this endeavor was continuing by Calvin Boutte of Louisiana (hence “Cajun”). The Kemmer Stock Mtn Cur Breeders Association was supported in 1991 complete with a breed normal.

These dogs area unit typically a yellow or “blonde” color however also can be black, chocolate, blue, brindled and “buttermilk buckskin”. They notably have long legs in relevancy the body and natural bobbed or long tails.

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