Calm Dog Breeds: Top 10 Dog Breeds For Calm, Happy, And Comfortable Living

Calm dogs are a breed in their own right. They are used to being around humans. They are mellow, laid back, and comfortable dogs. If you own a calm dog breed, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re looking to own a calm dog, you’re in the right place. I’m going to list 10 of the best dog breeds for a calm, happy, and comfortable life.

Great Dane

If you’re looking for a giant dog, the Great Dane is an excellent choice. Great Danes are often used as therapy dogs. They are fantastic family pets. You can get a Great Dane puppy. If you can’t get the puppy, you can adopt a pet the same size. Pugs Pugs are a rather large dog. They love the attention. They also have plenty of energy to burn off. I have a pug myself, so I know the breed personally. They’re just like any other dog breed, except for the overbearing personality. I had to work on getting the dog to take up stairs without jumping up and down. German Shepherds German Shepherds are another large dog. They love attention and play. They’re also highly intelligent. German Shepherds are considered the best dog breed in the world. I have one German Shephard as well.


This breed is basically the Chihuahua of the dog world. In fact, the Bullmastiff and Chihuahua were bred in the same era! The Bullmastiff will stand almost 9 inches at the shoulder. Their gentle and calm demeanour helps them get along with other dogs and even cats. And their size means that it’s very unlikely they’ll hurt anyone. What’s more, they are long-lived and healthy. Brachycephalic Dogs Brachycephalic dogs are short-legged, flat-faced dogs. They include the Pug, the Chihuahua, and several breeds in between. The brachycephalic angle or short-neck is pretty much an issue for these dogs. The shortness of their necks forces their heads down, and the resulting breathing difficulties make them sad and miserable. Mastiff The Mastiff is one of the largest breeds of dogs.

French Bulldog

Source: Dog Happy in USA The French Bulldog is one of the breeds that you must see to believe. They’re goofy, in your face, and most of all, have a fun, playful personality. Frenchies have short snouts with a broad face. This is what makes them look so adorable and innocent. Their thick, dark-brown, or black fur covers their handsome heads and their slender bodies. They’re the gentlest of dogs with smooth, silky coats and wonderful, shiny coats. They love running around outdoors. They like children and get along great with any dogs they meet. Bulldogs’ eyes are black and white, with green or hazel colored tint. When they’re happy, their eyes glow bright and it makes them look even cuter. They are short-haired dogs with puffy, soft, and short coats.


If you haven’t heard of the Newfoundland dog breed, you’ve been missing out. They are the largest of the land dog breeds, and a lot of dogs in this size range are bred to be calm. They are great family dogs, and they are not afraid of the outdoors. Some of the Newfoundland dogs are pretty timid. Their size and relaxed nature makes it easier for them to deal with household disturbances. They also seem to love the cold weather. Koda – The Smallest Labrador Retriever Dimitri is the smallest Labrador Retriever in the world, weighing in at only 40 pounds! This little guy is super chilled out. He loves being around people, even more so than other breeds. Dimitri is an older dog who has been through a lot of trials and tribulations. It’s nice to see him happy and relaxed at home.


If you’re into shorter, stocky dogs, the Greyhound is for you. They are calm and also very affectionate. Many people want a greyhound because they are fast. They are the most common dog breed to win the Westminster Dog Show, which is called the Best in Show, but they also like the breed because they are amazing couch potatoes. They also thrive in a home with other Greyhounds. Greyhounds have been domesticated for over 3,000 years, so they were a perfect fit to start racing Greyhounds in the 19th century. After the invention of commercial greyhound racing in 1861, breeders started selecting for longer, faster dogs. The giant breed has the most prize money, with top runners fetching anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000. They also have a reputation for being extremely friendly.

Basset Hound

If you want a dog that will calmly and happily take your abuse, the Basset Hound might be your breed. You can also take your Basset Hound to the dog park, and it’ll love it there. It’s an extremely mellow breed, and it loves people. A chunky type, the Basset Hound has a docked tail, a very broad head, and a bouncy coat. The length of its coat is approximately 70-75 inches, and the weight ranges from about 55-90 pounds. Miniature Pinscher With its narrow head, short legs, and almost non-existent neck, the Miniature Pinscher is an even-tempered, friendly breed. These dogs are often characterized by their good nature and good breeding. You can take your Miniature Pinscher on walks around the neighborhood, and it’ll enjoy that.


They are alert, attentive, and watchful dogs. They are intelligent and sensitive. They don’t like to be alone. They aren’t particular about the people that they live with. They are social and love interacting with their humans. These dogs are smart. They can easily learn commands. They aren’t too rambunctious and they can take direction. They are often good-natured dogs and are often good for therapy work. Clydesdales Clydesdales are draft horses. They are large, yet lean, muscular, and large-boned. These are calm dogs. They love to work, travel, and take part in activities. They are also very loyal dogs. They are not the most popular breed, but they can be very intelligent and are great for keeping children safe.

Great Pyrenees

This is a versatile dog breed. It is a good choice for people who want a big dog. They’re good with kids, although some might be a little agressive. They are also good with cats. There are also a few breeders who sell gentle giants for folks who want a big dog, but want to go gentle. They are loyal to their family, and don’t need too much exercise to be happy. If you don’t live in a rural area, they can live indoors and in a kennel, or in a small fenced yard. Great Pyrenees come in many sizes, from giant-sized mastiffs to a mid-sized dog. French Bulldogs They have a fun and whimsical personality. Some people are suspicious of them, but they are very sociable. They are also very intelligent dogs. They can learn tricks quickly. You’ll be able to work with them if they have training.

Irish Wolfhound

If you’re looking for a dog who just wants to hang out, the Irish Wolfhound is your dog. This breed is really soft and really intelligent. Their body is sleek and sleek. They are very laid back dogs. This is an easy dog to care for, but they do need a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them healthy. Great Pyrenees This is a larger breed and that’s the reason it’s on this list. The Great Pyrenees are one of the top dog breeds for a calm life. They need a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation. They are a durable dog, and they have really soft fur. This is the kind of dog who will be easy to keep happy, especially as a family dog. Great Danes This is a large, strong dog.


The Pekingese was originally bred to catch mice in ancient China. They are very mellow dogs, and usually very calm and happy. They love to cuddle, and they have soft, fluffy fur. This breed is a great choice for those looking for a mellow, low-key dog that doesn’t need a lot of exercise or interaction with other dogs. Poodles The Poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. These dogs are known for their small, soft ears. They’re a great choice for anyone looking for a calm, contented dog. Poodles make great family dogs, but they’re not great with cats, small dogs, or smaller dogs. Boston Terriers These adorable Boston Terriers have huge ears that stand up so high that the ears hang over the dog’s face when it’s asleep.

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