The Cambodian Razorback may be a longhaired dog. it’s powerful for its size and, though muscular, it’s active and agile.

Head: Short, deep thorough, broad bone, terribly pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop, short foreface, black nose. Eyes: Dark, round, of medium size, and set to seem straight ahead. Some could have blue eyes.

Ears: Pricked and alert in any respect times. Mouth: A bite within which the outer aspect of the lower incisors touches the inner aspect of the higher incisors.

Coat: they need a protracted coat which might appear untypical a “Tropical Dog,” however, it doesn’t appear to trouble them as they are doing not overheat. The tail ought to be “bushy” and also the ridge on the rear pronounced.

Color: Combination colours with white and black, blue, brown and fawn ar common. They conjointly are available solid colours while not white.Gait: Free, powerful and agile with economy of effort. Legs moving parallel once viewed from front or rear. Discernible drive from hind legs.

The Cambodian Razorback, though not famed by that name in its mother country, may be a breed found within the river depression space of Cambodia; even during this space these dogs ar rare.

Christian Berger, originally associate degree Oregon native, began a project to create a definite breed from similar dogs he found throughout his work and travel in Cambodia. though not one in all the three accepted Ridgeback breeds, they are doing have a awfully pronounced “ridge” down their backs.

They are aforementioned to form protecting unit guardians if trained and liberal terribly early and systematically. This breed isn’t counseled for a primary time owner and should be aggressive to strange individuals or pets. Cambodian Razorbacks ar natural outside survivalists which will be low maintenance (except for training) and will solely be unbroken inside if given enough daily exercise.


They are physically terribly completely different from the opposite 2 famed ridgebacked dogs within the region (Thai ridgeback and Phu Quoc dog). they’re larger with a broader head and a bladelike, bushy tail. Their coat is additionally for much longer than that of the opposite ridgebacks.

The ridge is extremely well outlined and stands over a pair of inches high on the rear. Being a protracted haired dog, the ridge tends to be even a lot of noticeable. The fur is additionally for much longer than the opposite ridgebacks.

Cambodian Razorback dogs ar typically piebald with a mix of white with either black, blue, brown or fawn. Solid colours while not white conjointly exist.

The Cambodian Razorback dog is powerful for its size and, though muscular, terribly active and agile.

Height at shoulder: Males up to twenty inches or a lot of. Weight: Up to sixty pounds. Females ar smaller. In proportion, the length of back, from withers to tail set, is capable the space from withers to ground.


Cambodian Razorbacks ar a primitive breed, however they are doing not show the temperament and behavioural traits one would generally accompany primitive or unfortunate people dogs, they’re sensible natured, friendly with and protecting of their human family. they’re natural guard dogs which will be used for looking in addition. They solely bark after they feel there extremely may be a reason.


They exhibit the ability and confidence of the Thai Ridgeback Dog and ar of comparable size. Like most alternative primitive dogs, Cambodian Razorback dogs aren’t counseled for novice dog homeowners. they must be liberal at a awfully early age.

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