The Canadian Cur is delineated as an exquisite pet, additionally to being a wonderful hunter. not like some breeds, the Canadian Cur includes a terribly friendly disposition and, therefore, makes an honest companion dog additionally to an exquisite Canis familiaris. The Canadian Cur is marked by high intelligence, in addition as robust physical attributes like exceptional stamina.

The Canadian Cur dog breed could be a comparatively new dog breed that belongs to the Cur dog cluster. This explicit breed originated in yankee country|North American nation} throughout the first Nineteen Eighties and is one among a couple of Cur varieties that were at first bred outside the American South.

The purpose of the Canadian Cur’s breeding programs was to provide a dog that’s intelligent and armed with sufficient stamina that may track and tree raccoons in Canada’s piece of land and weather. Pioneer breeders of this non-USA cur breed square measure Canadian hunters Larry Smith and David Rogers.

The two hunters selected English Pointer and therefore the Border collie because the foundations of this stock. Selective breeding followed and cur breeds like Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs and Leopard Curs wherever foreign from Southern USA to feature to the cross.

The Canadian Cur is primarily a Canis familiaris that’s hardy and versatile trackers and hunters all told kinds of piece of land. Some breeders in Canada use them for gregarious cows with terribly in results. they’re additionally a cur breed which will be nice to own as family pets. These square measure dogs which will be wonderful around kids. they’re going to be loyal to their family.

This breed is that the better of worlds, wonderful looking dogs and nice family pets. Bred For The Canadian cur was specifically bred to be specialised treeing dogs that may perform in Canada’s piece of land and weather.

Environment The Canadian Cur isn’t associate degree living accommodations dog. they’re dogs bred for add rural areas. Grooming The Canadian Cur has short hair that’s simple to groom.

Training the Canadian Cur dog are going to be simple as they’re notable to be terribly sensible and intelligent. they’re going to be terribly responsive once positive coaching strategies square measure used. Health This breed is comparatively young and their anamnesis isn’t that well documented. Exercise

They are pretty much like their yank cur cousins, they’re terribly active operating dogs that demand loads of daily exercises. it’s counseled to present these dogs regular jobs as hunters.

It has a really sensible treeing ability in addition as following ability, creating him a flexible Canis familiaris. The Canadian Cur was bred, initially, for raccoon looking, however it quickly became apparent that this dog’s skills were wide travel. these days it’s used for looking bear, deer, squirrel, mountain lions, coyote, and boar. additionally, this tough domestic dog is additionally seen gregarious cows.

A handsome dog, the Canadian Cur comes in an exceedingly type of colours. The coat is sometimes black with tan or tabby points, or is black and white. They are, however, accepted in any colours or patterns, as there don’t seem to be restrictions within the breed commonplace.

The Canadian Cur could be a mid-sized dog travel anyplace from thirty to sixty pounds. Another notable feature is that several Canadian Curs square measure seen with present bobtails.

The Canadian Cur breed was created by Larry Smith and David Rogers. Mr. Smith and Mr. Rogers needed to develop a Canis familiaris that additionally possessed a friendly nature. to realize this they crossed and English Pointer with a Border collie to being their breeding program.

These breeds were chosen because the foundation stock as a result of that they had the proper temperament and different required characteristics to provide this distinctive Canis familiaris.

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