The Cane Corso is intelligent, loyal, wanting to please, versatile, and intensely loyal to their humans, however also are assertive and willful, and may find yourself owning associate unwitting owner. like the other massive guardian dog, accountable breeding and early socialization with folks and different dogs is important.

The Cane Corso could be a medium- to large-sized, robust dog. it’s a broad head with a sq. muzzle that’s as wide because it is long, giving the Cane Corso superior bite strength. Its coat is dense and coarse, sometimes in black, lightweight or dark reminder grey, or in lightweight or dark reminder fawn, red, or brindle. White patches area unit common, and area unit accepted by the AKC on the chest, toes, chin, and nose.

The average height of a Cane Corso ranges from twenty four to twenty seven inches tall, with males at the upper finish of the spectrum and females at the lower. Weight is anyplace from eighty eight to one hundred ten lbs.

The ears of a Cane Corso area unit naturally born forward, tho’ it’s the preference of breeders to crop the ears into little, equal triangles that stand upright. Breeders conjointly usually dock the tails of Cane Corsos.

The Corso’s short coat comes in black, light, and dark reminder gray; lightweight and dark reminder fawn; and red. Any of those colours could have a patterned pattern: irregular streaks of sunshine and dark color.

Solid fawn and red Corsos could have a black or grey mask.
The Corso could be a domestic dog WHO wants countless mental and physical stimulation.

Corsos aren’t demonstrative, however they relish “talking” to their folks with “woo woo woo” sounds, snorts, and different verbalizations.

The Corso isn’t a decent “first dog.” He needs lots of socialization, training, and exercise to be a decent companion.

The biggest consider a Cane Corso’s temperament is that one ought to ne’er be fearful, as this could go against the natural instincts of a watchdog. The Cane Corso is reserved and assured, territorial, and keenly conscious of its surroundings. It tends to be a quiet breed, indifferent to others approaching unless a true threat is perceived.

Always wanting to please, it’s conjointly straightforward to obedience train. It forms a robust bond with its primary homeowners and is extremely protecting over them. However, don’t be fooled by the Cane Corso’s watchdog instincts, it’s docile and affectioned with its homeowners, and lovesome with kids and families.

The Cane Corso is sort of straightforward to worry for. As a brief haired breed, it doesn’t need abundant grooming; simply a shower and a brush currently so. Shedding is minimal . it’s conjointly versatile once it involves living arrangements because the Cane Corso will settle even as mirthfully into lodging housing as outside living.

If left outdoors, adequate shelter must be provided. If housing in associate lodging, homeowners ought to check that to produce enough daily exercise. The Cane Corso will create wonderful cardiopulmonary exercise companions, except for daily exercise wants it would like a minimum of one long, brisk walk.

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