The well muscled Canis Panther has been developed by cross breeding the good European, Doberman pinscher, Black retriever and yankee Staffordshire Bull hunting dog. although it had been ab initio cross bred, most researches have declared them to be true bred at this time.

They are characterised by cropped ears and a docked tail usually done at birth. They even have a good chest and jaw with their rear condensation claws being removed. This short-furred breed forming an interesting watchdog isn’t recognized by any major kennel society or club.

This breed of dog is of high intelligence, extreme beauty, very agile, is suspicious of strangers, and is defensive minded. The body is heavily muscled, with a good chest and jaw and a fine nose. Ears cropped, tails docked and rear dews removed. The Canis Panther may be a natural defender, terribly loyal to its owner and family pack can do something you raise of it from obedience demonstrations to obtaining that dangerous guy!

Canis Panther is really a cross breed of 4 completely different breeds. however once were these robust, muscled dogs 1st bred?

This splendid dog breed is really terribly recent. it had been bred within the Seventies by the then notable dog trainer, Scorpio Jones.

Scorpio in conjunction with his fellow trainers L.Lopez and Michael Gypsy Stratten created the Canis Panther by cross-breeding four breeds. They planned to breed a sort of dog that might be an ideal watchdog. so that they intently selected breeds that were nice protection dogs:

Doberman watchdog
Great Dane
Labrador gun dog
America Staffordshire Bull hunting dog

The idea of the breeders was to style a Doberman-type of dog that was somewhat larger. In fact, it will principally prompt of Associate in Nursing overgrown, muscly Doberman pinscher. They achieved their goal of making a dog breed that’s the final word personal protection breed.

The idea of making a Panther dog was supported the very fact that fashionable watchdog breeds like Rottweiler, Dobermans, and German shepherds were terribly onerous to search out within the U.S. back in Seventies. They were conjointly terribly dear and adoptions needed plenty of work and waiting, therefore these breeders came up to the concept of making Associate in Nursing final watchdog which will be additional accessible to folks within the U.S

Whether you’re trying to find family guard dogs or personal protection dogs, one in all the final word pet protectors square measure Canis Panthers. The breed of dog is defensive minded, suspicious of strangers, very agile, very lovely, and extremely smart. These guard dogs have a fine nose, a good jaw and chest, and a heavily muscular body.

Owners take away the rear dewclaws, dock the tail, and crop the ears of those guard dogs. Canis Panthers square measure loyal to their family ‘pack’ and owner. they’re natural protectors. Michael Gypsy Stratten, L. Lopez, and ‘Scorpio’ Jones were personal dog trainers living within the center WHO had a tough time getting glorious dogs from breeders as a result of their coaching purpose.

Young men within the military and stationed in European nation scouted for what the trio thought of ‘better’ dogs for the aim. The Rottweiler, schnauzer, German Shepherd, and Doberman pinscher were fashionable within the Seventies. the price of buying the dogs and paying quarantine fees in conjunction with the uncertainty of the young men shipping the guard dogs prevented exploitation them.

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