Caucasian Shepherd Breed Profile: What It’s Like to Own a Shepherd Dog

The Caucasian Shepherd Breed is a medium-sized, medium-coated dog. It’s highly active, intelligent, affectionate, friendly, and alert. The history of this breed is also interesting and complex. It’s believed that the Caucasian Shepherd Breed originated in the Caucasus Mountains, and was a guard dog for the Georgian city of Khoti-Kale, with an estimated population of about 30 purebred dogs. According to some sources, the Caucasian Shepherd Breed was brought to Russia in the 1700s. Then in the 1800s, it was brought to the United States. Caucasian Shepherd: Dog Breed Profile. Characteristics, History, Care Tips, and Helpful Information for Pet Owners.


We’ve compiled a list of a few things you should know about the Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breed. Male Caucasian Shepherd Dogs have a typical weight range of 40 – 60 pounds. Female Caucasian Shepherds are smaller with a range of 30 – 55 pounds. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs have medium length hair. They have a long, full body and a bit of a neck. The male has a long, silky tail with no hair at the tip. The female has a short, silky tail with a tuft of hair at the end. They have a medium to long, solid, muscular body. The Caucasian Shepherd looks a bit bigger than a regular dog, but they are as gentle as a cat. They have a medium-length body with a broad chest and short, stubby legs. They have a longer, round head with very large, round eyes.

Breed History

This dog breed has been a part of the world’s history since more than two centuries ago. It is thought that the Caucasian Shepherd Dog originated in the mountainous region of the Caucasus Mountains. More precisely, the Caucasus Mountains are located in the eastern part of Georgia and in southwestern Russia, and are the highest mountain range in Europe. The name Caucasian Shepherd Dog comes from the ancient Georgian city of Khoti-Kale, and the region that is home to the most famous Caucasian shepherd dog breed. It is a versatile dog. It is bred and bred for usefulness in outdoor work. The breed was originally used as a working dog. If you had this dog, you could learn how to control and drive a horse, herd cattle, or herd sheep.

Training and Care

Unlike many breeds, the Caucasian Shepherd is very easy to train and in fact, you can begin training in an hour. It’s a great dog for someone who loves to be outside, going hiking or doing other outdoor activities. If your dog is trained, you’ll be able to go on most of your adventures with him or her. The breed is generally easy to train and most dogs can learn basic obedience at a young age. This breeds loves its owners. Dog Breed Profile: What it’s Like to Own a Tibetan Spaniel Tibetan Spaniel The Tibetan Spaniel is a small, short-legged breed that thrives on companionship and affection. Like the other dogs in this breed group, this breed has an incredibly sweet, endearing personality.

Health Problems

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is active and alert. It can live for 16 to 18 years. The Caucasian Shepherd is a fairly energetic breed. It has a high energy level. They need daily exercise. It is not true that all Caucasian Shepherd Dogs have breathing problems. You can look for specific breed characteristics to determine if your dog has any breathing problems or needs medical attention. Frequently Asked Questions What is the life span of a Caucasian Shepherd? The life span of a purebred Caucasian Shepherd is approximately 16 to 18 years. The average age of death is 12.5 to 13.5 years. Can I have Caucasian Shepherd puppies? Not unless you have a pedigree pedigree registered with the American Kennel Club or one of its breed registries. Is the Caucasian Shepherd Breed hard to breed?

Diet and Nutrition

There are two different types of dogs for this breed: Standard and Rare. The rare ones usually have more health and medical issues, especially in the males. The size of dogs in the breed is medium. Their ideal weight is between 70 and 95 pounds. The males can grow to about 85 lbs, while females reach only 70 lbs. Their skin color should be reddish brown or chestnut brown, and their coat should be mostly short, with a few long hairs. When they get older, the dogs should have a muzzle that is gentle and not too heavy. Also, they should have a pronounced bulge in the back of the neck. The Caucasian Shepherd should have a hard, sturdy head with a distinct, triangular profile. It should also have a long, muscular neck, medium-length chest, and broad shoulders.

Pros and Cons of the Caucasian Shepherd

There are a few points to keep in mind when considering the Caucasian Shepherd. Pros If you love to hike and hunt, the Caucasian Shepherd would be a great choice for you. If you’re outdoorsy, the Caucasian Shepherd is a natural-born swimmer, and can walk in the water for long periods of time. It’s a super-smart and energetic dog, which is great for any home. Cons It’s loud. It barks a lot. It barks if it wants something, and it barks at things that do not even exist. It sounds like a cross between a snake and a baby seal. If you have kids, beware, they will bully this puppy. You will also need to make sure that your kids know how to behave around this dog, or else the Caucasian Shepherd will become a giant bully that dominates your entire family.

Where to Adopt or Buy

The Caucasian Shepherd Breed is a true working dog, so it should be a goal of most dog owners to own one. Unfortunately, they are not hard to find in a shelter or rescue program. There are several reputable breeders, including New Leash on Life in Tennessee. You can also find them on our website at and also at Caucasian Shepherd Adoptions All of the listed breeders are reputable breeders who offer Caucasian Shepherd puppies. While they do not come cheap, this breed is one of the most loving and loyal dogs in the world, and they love to please their people. That means that they are a great pet for a working or service owner.

caucasian shepherd dog, Caucasian Shepherd Breed Profile: What It's Like to Own a Shepherd Dog
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