Cavapoo Dog Breed Information and Facts

Cavapoo is a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. It is a small-sized dog that is very intelligent, cheerful, loving and very agile. Cavapoo dogs are very similar to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but a bit smaller and calmer. Cavapoos have a smooth coat and are very easy to groom. They are a good breed for apartment life as they don’t need a lot of space. The Cavapoo is a low-shedding dog that requires a lot of daily exercise to stay happy and healthy. It is a very intelligent dog breed that learns quickly. If you are looking for a good dog breed to adopt this is one of the better hybrids.

History of the Cavapoo

The Cavapoo was developed in the 1930’s by breeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. The reason why the breed was created was because of the owner who wanted a small and quick dog that didn’t shed. The breed was developed and named after it’s two main breeds, the Cavapoo King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. It was believed that if you cross the King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle they would create a new breed, the Cavapoo. This new breed quickly became popular and people started breeding them for its unique characteristics. Some of the positive traits of the Cavapoo are its agility, intelligence, and having a happy and playful nature. However it does have some negative traits such as its nocturnal nature, its shedding and very small size.

Description of the Cavapoo

Appearance: Cavapoo dog breeds come in four different colors: black, golden, blue, and chocolate. All the coat colors of the Cavapoo dogs are long and smooth. They also have white markings on their tails and ears. All the coat colors look soft and fluffy. The height of the Cavapoo dog varies. The coats of the Cavapoo dogs are shiny, soft and downy. The coats also have a puffy texture to it. Head – The head of the Cavapoo dog is short with round eyes. The head is also raised which is why they have a cute look. Nose – The nose of the Cavapoo dog has four pointed ends. The top ends of the nose are flat like the other dogs. The nose also has a small tuft of fur and is also relatively long compared to the dogs of the same size. Ears – The ears of the Cavapoo dog are very small but wide.

Personality of the Cavapoo

Cavapoo dogs are very social and outgoing. They are happy and playful and love to play with their owners. The breed is very loving and gentle and knows how to follow their owner when taking walks. You can use Cavapoo as a guard dog as it has a very alert look and is trained very well. It is also good in getting along with other dogs. Cavapoo breed is more flexible in terms of socialization compared to the Poodle and requires a lot of exercise to stay happy. Cavapoo dogs require very little attention when they are at home and are usually independent dogs. Cavapoo dogs are best with people who are home most of the time. They are not well-tempered if left alone all day. If you are looking for a low-cost companion for your pet that will keep you both entertained, a Cavapoo will do the job.

Temperament of the Cavapoo

Cavapoo is generally friendly and well behaved. It loves its owners and it is very eager to please you. It will immediately walk up to you and wait to be picked up. They are full of energy and ready for a fun day or trip. They are a smart breed and are capable of learning fast and doing anything they are instructed to do. Cavapoo Breeds That Should Be Adopted If you are looking for a smart and loyal dog you should get a Cavapoo. It is a good dog breed that is happy to spend the rest of it’s life with a loving owner. You can buy a Cavapoo from the Cavapoo Store. They offer various colors, sizes, and mixes to choose from. They also offer cross-breeds as well as their own own breeds. The Cavapoo store is the best destination for purchasing and adopting a Cavapoo.

Health Issues of the Cavapoo

The main issue with the Cavapoo is its teeth, it can have the same problem as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The only problem that needs to be taken care of by the owner is the dental cleaning because the Cavapoo has crooked teeth. They can have very common ear problems, ear infection, allergies, fleas and if they have heat issues they can get overheated easily. Another common issue that can occur is a Pongalore problem, which is an underbite. They need to go to the vet for X-ray if they have it. Many times they are not given proper training by breeders and they get the chance to learn bad habits when they start living with humans. They are also not good at heights because they need a lot of attention and love.

Grooming Needs of the Cavapoo

Grooming requirements are similar to that of the Poodle. If you have a nice home, the Cavapoo is an easy dog to keep. Cavapoos have a self-cleaning and are very good at caring for themselves. If you have a small yard, the Cavapoo is good as they are very agile and quick. Cavapoos also shed very little. Grooming is easier than that of the Poodle. Condition of the Cavapoo Dogs The Cavapoo is considered to be a healthy breed. The Cavapoo puppy can be fed three times a day which is considered to be one of the main conditions of healthy dogs. They should be kept away from dogs with coat dandruff and from fleas, ticks and worms. Cavapoo breeders must ensure that the Cavapoo puppies are always healthy as they are very precious and need to be treated with great care.

Training Needs of the Cavapoo

Cavapoo puppies need a lot of daily exercise to develop a healthy and energetic lifestyle. It is good for dogs to have a good amount of exercise and playtime everyday. However, it is better if you do not overwork your dog as that will burn up too much energy. For young dogs, exercise and playtime should last for an hour. The best way to have your Cavapoo tired out and relaxed is by taking him for a walk. When you take him for a walk, just keep him on a short lead for him to run freely without pulling on you. Make sure that you do not go for longer walks as he will get tired. Most Cavapoo dogs prefer short walks and short periods of playtime. Once he is all spent out, have him take a good rest or take him inside the house.

Exercise Needs of the Cavapoo

Unlike Cavalier King Charles spaniels, the Cavapoo has a very short hair coat. This means that you will not have to worry about the Cavapoo shedding a lot. It requires a daily good grooming so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking after it. Also, you need to make sure that you always give the Cavapoo plenty of exercise. They do like to run around but a good 20 minute walk is sufficient. Their small size also means that the Cavapoo can squeeze in small spaces so it is great to keep in the apartment. All Cavapoo owners make sure that their dogs have some enrichment every day. This can be something as simple as a ball or a frisbee. Health Problems of the Cavapoo Since Cavapoo have a very smooth coat, they tend to get allergies.

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