Top 5 Cavapoo Dog Breeders in Florida for 2023

Even the gloomiest person is bound to smile upon seeing a Cavapoo. Due to their gentle demeanor and playful nature, these small dogs are perfect family pets. For the most part, Cavapoos make fantastic pets. They have a great disposition, shed very little, and are always eager to please their owners.

The Cavapoo is an artificial dog breed created by breeding a King Charles Cavalier with a Miniature Poodle. Due to their nonshedding and hypoallergenic nature, poodles are used as a parent breed in many dog hybrids.

If you need a Cavapoo puppy in Florida, we’ve compiled a great list of reliable breeders. Several Florida-based breeders of Cavapoos that we don’t consider to be puppy mills have been uncovered through our independent investigation. After all, you want your Cavapoo to enjoy a long and happy life.

The reality, however, is that breeding methods evolve. We have a small pool to choose from because few Florida breeders or puppy shops sell Cavapoos. Since we cannot condone the practice of puppy mills, we ask that you do additional due diligence on any of the dubious vendors you are considering.

Cavapoo Dog Breeders in Florida


#1. Premier Pups Cavapoos

Premier Pups is the leading Cavapoo puppy provider in the United States, and they can help you find reputable breeders of other small-breed puppies for adoption.

Because of their dedication to the Cavapoos’ health and happiness, they stand out from other breeders. You probably already know that the breeder and the environment a puppy is raised significantly impact the puppy’s mental and physical well-being.

Here at Premier Pups, we make sure you never have to. Because they care about their customers, these breeders only produce the healthiest Cavapoo puppies.

When it comes to breeding Cavapoos, they will not stand for anyone who isn’t USDA-approved. Because of the tight relationship they’ve established with the breeders, their team can do a lot. All of the Cavapoo pups available for sale come with a ten-year health guarantee, demonstrating the breeder’s confidence in the quality of their offspring’s wellbeing. Any other breeder does not offer this kind of health guarantee.

Breeder Details

#2. PuppySpot Cavapoos Florida

Getting a Cavapoo puppy in Florida is as easy as clicking a button, thanks to PuppySpot, which carefully vets all their breeders to ensure they meet AKC requirements and where there is practically no waiting list. If you’ve already reached out to other Florida Cavapoo breeders, you know there’s a significant wait time until you can bring a puppy home. With PuppySpot’s “no puppy mill” assurance and network of verified breeders, you can have your new best friend in no time. It can assist you in avoiding being scammed and speed up getting a dog.

Cavapoo puppies are available for adoption in various ages, sexes, sizes, and coat colors. Your new puppy will be flown to Florida for personal delivery if the breeder isn’t in the state. If you’d like a puppy without the hassle of screening multiple breeders and need one quickly, you should look into PuppySpot. They are an extremely trustworthy marketplace changing the dog breeding industry for the better.

Breeder Details

#3. Riches Cavapoo Florida

Riches Cavapoo Florida is what the owners of this Cavapoo breeding facility call themselves. While some of us may not be sure what that entails, it generally covers all pet parent needs. In addition to providing the local community with adorable designer dog breeds like the Cavapoo, this establishment also features a grooming salon, a supply store, and a quaint small pet boutique with all the trimmings.

Your new Cavapoo, whether from Wags to Riches or somewhere else, deserves the best care possible, and that’s what they’re here to provide. The tiny and cute Cavapoo is only one of the many designers and purebred dogs they sell in their boutique. Just know that they have access to a wide variety of other breeds.

There is a female Cavapoo available for adoption right now. It is vague about pricing and whether or not a down payment is required. It would help if you got in touch with us to find out. If you don’t live nearby and can’t travel to Florida to pick up your Cavapoo puppy, the breeder promises to mail the puppy to you.

Cavapoo puppies in Florida are said to be free from the dangers of puppy mills, but we have no way of knowing this for sure. If you want to avoid a puppy from a problematic source, ask plenty of questions before purchasing. If you’re a local, you might also take advantage of their dog training services for your new Cavapoo.

Breeder Details

#4. Lancaster Puppies FL

Lancaster Pups is an online pet company offering Cavapoo puppies in Florida. If you’re not located near the breed of puppy you choose, they’ll ship it to you for an affordable price. Cavapoo pups and other toy doodle dog hybrids are among the most common.

Priced at $4999, the recently sold litter of Cavapoo puppies was among the most expensive on record. The widespread presence of its branches allows it to perform some of the functions of a search engine. We were able to locate the puppies in Naples, Florida, with their help.

It needs to be clarified from the website where the Cavapoo puppies come from due to the business practices of the breeder and supplier. Due to the absence of Cavapoo breeders in the Sunshine State, we included them. If you’re considering buying a puppy from Lancaster Puppies, we have some words of warning. It is best to inquire extensively about the dog’s lineage, parentage, and results of any genetic testing done.

Cavapoo Breeder Details

#5. Sweet Manor Country Cavaliers Florida

Finding data on Sweet Mano Country Cavaliers took a lot of work. A Florida-based breeder of Cavapoos, this business appears to exist solely on Facebook to promote and sell its puppies. A website eluded me, though that doesn’t imply it doesn’t exist. There was no way for me to contact them in Florida about their Cavapoo puppies. However, from what I could tell from the Facebook page, both the dogs and puppies of the Cavapoo breed appear to be in good condition. They don’t seem to have many dogs or litters of puppies. Do your homework; remember that what you see on social media is only what the companies behind those platforms want you to see. The best way to understand this Cavapoo breeder’s breeding operation is to ask questions, so be prepared with many of them.

This establishment has all the hallmarks of an amateur breeding business. In Florida, the only puppies you’ll find are Cavalier King Charles Cavaliers and Cavapoos. It makes us think they are not a puppy mill producing mass-produced pets. However, to be safe, it’s best to verify in person that they engage in moral breeding practices by scheduling a site visit.

Nothing concerning cost or how to put down a deposit is mentioned on the Facebook page. Assuming you found this breeder via Facebook or email, you may send a message expressing your interest and asking for more information. It would be best if you discussed transport and shipping plans.

Cavapoo Breeder Details



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