Chihuahua Dog Breed: A Complete Guide for Breeders and Owners

The Chihuahua is a tiny dog with a huge personality. A national symbol of Mexico, these alert and amusing “purse dogs” stand among the oldest breeds of the Americas. The Chihuahua is graceful, small, and compact, slightly longer than he is tall. The Chihuahua has a saucy expression and alert, terrier-like attitude. The coat can be smooth, with soft, glossy hair, or long, with soft straight or wavy coats and fringed ears. Chihuahua: Dog Breed Profile. Characteristics, History, Care Tips, and Helpful Information for Pet Owners.


The Chihuahua is a compact dog with a compact body. A wide chest and round, solid and broad shoulders give a long, compact body. The dog is medium-sized. The dog’s body is beautifully compact. The tail, although small, curls up tightly in a perfect circle. The tail is generally without dangles or wrinkles. The head is dainty, oval and of an elegant shape. The muzzle is slightly beady, with a thin mouth. The eyes are large and alert, the ears are erect and thin, and the color of the eyes is brown, green or gold. Health The Chihuahua is an intelligent, alert and lively dog. This small dog is lively, talkative and spirited. Although he will accompany you on walks, the dog is not big enough to tackle hard climbs or suffer being too far away from his family.


A 2005 study of Chihuahuas in Mexico found that the breed is native to the region of the U.S.-Mexican border since the 16th century. From 1575 to 1857, dogs from the United States were used to guard the frontier, which led to a high level of interbreeding between Chihuahuas and other breeds. This led to Chihuahuas being classified as a unique variety of dog rather than a breed, until DNA analysis proved otherwise in 2012. Origin and Name There are many theories on the origin of the name “Chihuahua.” One theory is that the name comes from the Nahuatl words for dog, chihoahua and “woman.” Another explanation is that the name comes from the indigenous Teotihuacan civilization that inhabited the region before the Spanish conquest. The word Chihuahua means, “backbone of the world.” 2.

Training and Care

A Chihuahua cannot live without the proper care and attention it receives. If left neglected or uncared for, he can develop problems that can be quite serious. Chihuahua in the US People generally do not recognize how close the Chihuahua really is to the Pomeranian, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Scottish Terrier. Due to the close proximity of their bloodlines, they share a lot of similar characteristics, including: Loyal and extremely protective Do not put a collar on them as they can become extremely difficult to control Strong and active This breed is very intelligent, which makes them hard to train.

Health Problems

Chihuahuas are generally healthy dogs, although they have been known to develop some health problems. Breed-Related Health Problems: Some breeds of Chihuahua, such as the Collie, Japanese Chin, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier, and Shih Tzu, have a variety of skin, ear, and eye allergies. In fact, it has been suggested that this breed is one of the most allergic to humans of all types of dogs. Abnormal Canine Growth Hormone or ADDH may be a problem in the Pomeranian, toy Fox Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, and dachshund breeds. ADDH and excessive weight in dogs are often linked and they are often treated by diet, exercise, and supplements. It’s important to make sure you’re aware of what your dog is being fed before you pick up your Chihuahua puppy.

Diet and Nutrition

Like many small dogs, the Chihuahua is a fast-growing breed. It requires a proper diet, though its requirements are not as great as those of some other breeds. The Chihuahua is a fussy eater, and has the problem of blandness. If they are not provided with the proper food, the Chihuahua will be depressed and lethargic. To keep the Chihuahua from having the weight problem of other breeds, a diet with good levels of protein, fat, and vitamins and minerals should be provided for a healthy weight. Essential food products for dogs are listed in the Dog Food Analysis report. Diet and nutrition for the Chihuahua is provided in the Home Animal Nutrition Report. Breed Chihuahua diet may vary depending on size and food needs.

Where to Adopt of Buy

A source of traditional, American dogs, dogs from the Chihuahua type originated in the Chihuahua province in Mexico, one of the newest areas of Mexico. While some of the earliest chihuahuas were imported, today the breed is primarily bred within the state of Chihuahua and in the Mexican-American border region of New Mexico and Texas. The primary reason for the popularity of the breed among home breeders and the public is that many Chihuahuas make excellent pets. Chihuahuas are adaptable, easily trained, and active. Their temperament is described as “attractive, affectionate, and alert, responsive to almost anything you can think of.” Although not quite as large as other breeds, they are intelligent and eager to please.

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