Chihuahua Food

One of the most important things to remember when selecting Chihuahua food (or any dog food for that matter), is the amount of protein that the food contains. All dogs need protein in order to thrive.

Most dog foods you come across are made primarily out of corn. Some dogs may have certain allergies to some of the ingredients found in dog food, so it’s important to make sure whatever food you get, doesn’t contain anything that could make your dog sick.

A lot of dog foods are enhanced with vitamins and minerals to make them more healthy for your pet, but making sure the number one ingredient in the food is meat is a good way to tell if the food you’re feeding your dog is of high quality.

You can also buy food that targets certain conditions, such as healthy joints for older dogs, weight control for overweight dogs, and a number of other specific things.

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You can supplement your dog’s diet with bits of lean meats, and treats as well. It’s important not to go overboard with treats or human food, as this can lead to some health problems such as obesity, especially in smaller dogs.

Chihuahuas have small mouths, so Chihuahua food should be designed for small dogs is best.

You should never give your dog chicken or fish with bones in it. These kinds of bones easily splinter and can get stuck in your dog’s throat.

Small bits of meat are okay to give as treats every now and then, as long as they don’t have any little bones in them.

Other foods that should be avoided include chocolate, onions and garlic and of course anything with caffeine or alcohol.

No matter what dog food you feed your Chihuahua, make sure you stick with it.

When and if you decide to switch food, make the change a gradual one. Switching foods suddenly can cause a bad case of diarrhea.

There are all kinds of different Chihuahua food for you to choose from.

Canned food is a favorite of most dogs, but feeding canned food alone, doesn’t give the benefits of good teeth scraping that dry food does.

A good quality dry dog food with meat being the number one ingredient is best to feed your little one.