Chinese Crested Dog Breed: 10 Facts You Need to Know

The Chinese Crested has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. A hairless breed of dog with a long, soft coat. One famous Chinese Crested Dog was the Hairless purebred named Sam. It was the winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest from 2003 to 2005. The Hairless has soft, humanlike skin, as well as tufts of hair on its paws (“socks”) and tail (“plume”) and long, flowing hair on its head (“crest”). This breed is surprisingly energetic and quite trainable, giving them a winning personality to go with their unique looks. The Powderpuff Chinese Crested Dog is an elegant and graceful dog who makes a loving companion, playful and entertaining. The Chinese Crested Dog comes in two varieties, with and without hair, which are born in the same litter: the Powderpuff and the Hairless.

Chinese Crested Dog Breed Information

Pictures of The Chinese Crested Dog American Hairless Terrier The American Hairless Terrier or simply Hairless was once very popular in the United States. However, its popularity waned, due to the breeding out of the gene for the coarse texture of the fur. The breed is now often considered rare and kept by breeders as a hobby. A Hairless Terrier is a hairless breed of small dog with a thick, coarse hair coat, superficially resembling a rat terrier. The American Hairless Terrier is a hardy, high-energy and exuberant breed. Dogs of this breed have been selected over many generations to lack a thick undercoat, and most individuals show a noticeable absence of down. This leads to an unusually dense, matted coat that sometimes appears to be thick and woolly, with little or no softness.

What Kind of Temperament Does The Chinese Crested Have?

He is affectionate and will sit near his owner. The Chinese Crested seems to be somewhat wary of strangers. However, if you are quiet and friendly, this breed will certainly show his friendship to you. There are two types of temperaments: dog specific (meaning he prefers people, while he’s not aggressive toward other dogs) and dog general (meaning he’s not aggressive toward anyone). The Chinese Crested is generally fine with strangers. He can be very vocal with other dogs, however, and may try to dominate them. He can be protective and may be possessive, however he is not prone to biting. However, this dog’s behavior and personality can change with positive training. He is generally friendly and easy to train.

What Should I Feed My Chinese Crested?

Chinese Crested Dog Facts Chinese Crested Dogs have food requirements just like every other dog. Chinese Cresteds will need plenty of nourishment to give them all their good energy. Their natural appetite has been increased after many years of not getting proper nutrition. They are very smart, highly trainable and need a large space and plenty of exercise to keep them active. It is not advised that a Chinese Crested be walked on a leash as they have a tendency to pull very hard. Chinese Cresteds have higher than average incidences of mastitis, dog lice, and warts. However, some people say that Chinese Crested Dogs are generally a healthful breed. The Chinese Crested Dog is ranked third in the top 10 breeds in Neediest Dogs.

How Much Grooming Does The Chinese Crested Need?

The Chinese Crested needs only about an hour’s grooming per week. Their coat is feathery and matted, so no brushing is needed. A little extra bathing will make the coat nice and soft and, with regular grooming, a smooth, shiny coat is assured. Where Can I Get a Chinese Crested?

Is The Chinese Crested Easy To Train?

The most common mistake is to buy a dog which is not gentle with people and not trainable. Chinese Crested can be trained but it takes time. Some of the techniques that can be used include reward based training, negative reinforcement, games, and food training. Emotional support dog Is the emotional support dog legal? No, it is illegal under federal law to have an emotional support dog as a pet unless the dog has been evaluated by a doctor and given a certification. Are there many laws in Georgia to obtain and own an emotional support dog? There are many states, such as Georgia, where one can get a guide dog for the visually impaired, and the other states have similar laws. However, in Georgia, the guide dog law does not provide for emotional support animals.

What Health Issues Does The Chinese Crested Have?

Though not believed to be allergic to anything, the Chinese Crested may suffer from mild reactions to certain types of food and exercise. People with asthma should exercise caution when introducing their Chinese Crested to exercise. What Health Problems Does The Chinese Crested Have? The Chinese Crested Dog is a very healthy breed. Though, some people prefer not to breed their Hairless or Powderpuff Chinese Crested to the same puppies. They can find health problems of varying types, but they are not unusual in a puppy. The health issues in question are related to selective breeding and diseases brought on by over-breeding.

What Is The History of The Chinese Crested?

The Chinese Crested was developed from a cross between the Pekingese and the Shih Tzu. The Pekingese has a short coat while the Shih Tzu has a long, silky coat. This is the reason the Pekingese has longer hair on their feet than the Shih Tzu and vice versa. The breed was first named the “Popped Shih Tzu” and was shown in the early 1900s and early 1930s. Because of its great fame, the Pekingese eventually became the main attraction in competitions. This popularity allowed breeders to create a new breed. How Can I Get One? There is no reason to fret if you are unsure if you should get a Chinese Crested. While they do have the reputation of being ugly, these dogs are also known for their personalities.

What Is The Breed Standard of The Chinese Crested?

The breed standard describes many important aspects of the appearance, temperament, and health of the Chinese Crested. It is divided into a description of the coat, measurements, bloodlines, and health. The standards are based on the pedigree of the breed and on field-bred animals. The standards are revised in November of every year and are available for viewing on the American Kennel Club’s Chinese Crested Dog Standard of Perfection website. The Chinese Crested is a popular dog among kennel clubs, show breeders, and pet stores. You can see some examples of the Chinese Crested Dog in the American Kennel Club’s catalog. What Do The Trademarked Breeds Mean?