Description: The Cockabichon is a hybrid from two breeds these are the Cocker Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. The height is the same in both sexes and this is about 15 inches. The weight is 8-10 pounds. This is in the Toy size. The head is broad and round.

The eyes are big but not protruding and are dark in color. The ears are set at eye level and hang downward; these are wider at the head and tapper down to a rounded tip. The muzzle is deep and has a somewhat square look. The tail is not docked and is left naturally long, this can be well coated or have fine short hair, some have a tail that is more upward like the Bichon.

The legs are straight and in good balance to the body with neat feet. The coat can be silky and wavy or shorter and fluffier. This is low shedding and it is thought to be better for allergy suffers. The coat can grow as much as 3-4 inches. The colors we see are all colors in solid or with tan points, cream, apricot, white all with or with out markings. The life expectancy is about 10 years. Read up on both parent dogs to really get to see what this dog will be like. Also note that this breed has only just started to develop and it is on the first generation, or second generation, it will also vary in looks depending on the percent of what breed is used.

History: This is a new breed and so the history is not yet made. Both parents have good history and know for hunting and swimming. It is very likely that the Cockabichon will have some of these skills.

Temperament: The Bichon and the Cocker Spaniel are both good friendly dogs and both are capable of working and making good family pets so the Cock a Bichon is most likely to be the same. Train this dog well as it is a bright dog that is more than happy to learn.

Socialize well as a pup and this will help with any shyness this dog may have and the ability to cope with new situations. This is likely to be a high energy dog that will need a firm, kind owner that is not harsh and will have the time to train this dog.

Small dog syndrome is a problem made by humans and if you set rules the dog has to keep in the home and keep the dog trained this can be avoided. They should be good with other dogs and like to play with children.

To make sure the dog is happy both exercise mentally and physically as they can become mental hyper active.

This is a bright little dog that will want to be in the middle of every thing. They can be sensitive and will want a good leader that is firm but gentle.

Health issues: There are a lot of health issues in both pure breed lines so only get your puppy from a good breeder that has had parents health checked. Some of the common issues are tear eyes, eye problems, ear problems, allergies and dislocated kneecap.

Grooming: This dog is likely to need grooming a few times a week depending on the coat length. Bathing is needed monthly and hair trimming needed every six to eight weeks. Check on the eyes and ears at least weekly for any signs of problems.

Living conditions: The Cockabichon can live in an apartment providing they have their daily mental and physical exercise. A small garden is all that this dog needs.





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